How It Works

Placing your order

When you meet with Roseberry Tailoring for the first time, we will work with you to establish your sartorial needs. We will guide you through our cloth ranges, sourced from some of the finest british and italian mills, to ensure your cloth matches your requirements perfectly.

Once your cloth and lining have been selected, we will help you design your garments just the way you want them before our tailors begin working on your pattern. We will listen to your needs carefully to ensure we capture exactly the style and functionality you need. It is important that we establish just exactly how you’d like the garments to fit.

Your tailor will then begin to profile your body shape before carefully taking your measurements ahead of creating your bespoke garments.

First Fitting

When your garments are ready, you’ll have your first fitting where, depending on your body profilings, your suit will either be basted (layers loosely sewn together) or complete. You’ll try on your garments for the first time and your tailor will assess the fit of each garment and make recommendations for adjustment. The alignment of your shoulders and the position of your waistband will determine the hang of each garment, and your tailor will be thorough in ensuring these are correct.

All adjustments will be made to improve the fit of your garments and pattern updates will be applied to your paper pattern. This will mean that any future orders will be cut from your most up to date measurements.

Second Fitting

When your adjustments have been completed, you’ll have your second fitting. This will be the time to discuss any final tweaks to your garments with your tailor. Refinements will be made to the shaping of the garments if needed. At this fitting, a shirt and shoes should be worn and the level of cuff on show and coverage of your shoes will be discussed.

Your garments will be in their completed state at this stage, and if all goes well, you can take it home from here. If any final tweaks are needed, you’ll again leave your garments with your tailor and final adjustments will be carried out.

Again, your paper pattern will be updated to ensure your next order is cut from your most up to date pattern.

Collection appointment

One last check of the adjustments and overall fit.
Your garments can be taken home, ready to wear and you’ll be given a nice suit carrier to safely carry your garments home. There will be allowances in the seams to give the possibility of further adjustment in the future.

At this appointment, any further suggestions can be added to your pattern ahead of your next bespoke commission.