Why Roseberry

Core Values:

  • Offering first class style advice, taking your complexion, hair and eye colours into consideration.
  • Providing exceptional quality garments with first class service.
  • Ensuring the best care is taken of your garments when in our possession.
  • Providing continuous style guidance as part of our ongoing service.

Your Roseberry Journey:

When you embark upon your journey with Roseberry Tailoring, our core values will follow you. Firstly, when you book your first appointment with Roseberry, we’ll have a few questions for you to help us mould your experience. Our administration staff will use this information to inform your tailor of your needs. From there, we can really begin to understand you and develop your personal profile.

Establishing Your Needs:

When you attend your meeting with your tailor, he will guide you through the cloth selection, always asking questions along the way. Our cloth options are selected carefully from world famous mills such as Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Dormueil and Harris Tweed. We will be careful to ensure that the cloth being offered is adequate for your needs. Your style requirements will be discussed and we’ll take into account your personal tastes as well as offering our expert advice based on the tone of your skin, your hair colour and your eye colour. We will work with you to help create bespoke clothing that you’ll look fantastic in, and be proud to wear.

Let Us Guide You:

Once you are happy with your cloth and styling, your tailor will begin to profile your body shape and take the measurements needed to create your perfect bespoke items. These measurements will then be applied to your paper pattern to form the basis of your first bespoke order. Our tailoring team will work on crafting your garments, and no more than 8 weeks later, you’ll be called for your first fitting. Our cut can be completely tailored to the individual.

Our Eye For Detail:

With your first bespoke suit, you can expect a series of fittings to refine and finesse the finished measurements for your bespoke suit. Every change we make is also added to your paper pattern to ensure that subsequent orders fit perfectly. If we come across an adjustment that can’t be done to your benefit, don’t worry. The relevant changes will be noted on your pattern and a new garment will be cut for you – completely free of charge. The industry average for fittings on a first bespoke order is 4, but Roseberry Tailoring boasts an average of just 2 fittings. Alterations typically take 2 weeks to complete, but we do offer an express service when necessary.

Always In Our Thoughts:

During your journey with Roseberry Tailoring, you’ll receive a bi-weekly update on the status of your order. We appreciate that 6-8 weeks can seem like a long time and by updating you frequently, it’ll feel a lot quicker. When your garments arrive, we’ll call you to arrange your first fitting. After your fitting, when your garments are with us for adjustments, we’ll notify you each time we’re ready to arrange another fitting.

Don’t Worry We Want You To Be Happy:

When your garments are ready to be taken home for use, you’ll be afforded a 6 week period in which to wear your garments to test the fit. During this time, we’ll call you after 3 weeks, and again after 6 weeks to ensure that you’re no less than delighted with your garments. If at all you need further adjustment, just let us know and we’ll make arrangements to see you to correct the issue.