Roseberry Tailoring understands the difficulties when choosing the perfect shirt. When you buy from a shop, there’s always a compromise. Do you buy the collar size and put up with the shirt body being enormous on your frame? Or do you buy a shirt body that fits in the knowledge that you can never button your collar? Well, whether you’re the type of person who wears shirts every day, or is looking for something for a special occasion, Roseberry Tailoring can help.

For us, it’s not simply about the measurements. Each shirt is completely bespoke to your unique shape. Taking into account your shoulder shape, the curve in your back, chest and stomach and whether your biceps are developed or not, Roseberry Tailoring will craft your perfect shirt from scratch. Lovingly handmade to order. Better still, we’ll save your pattern to allow you to call off shirts when you like in future, as long as you’re still happy with the fit of the last batch.

Why not choose one of our new Shirt Packages. Perfectly tailored to your exact measurements, styled exactly the way you want it. No detail is left to chance.

We’ve also re-styled our pricing to bring you better value. Check out our packages below. Simply choose your package below, pay at the checkout and book an appointment to be measured and design your shirts.

Your shirts will be ready in just 4 weeks from ordering.

Individual Shirt £89

3 shirt package £250

5 shirt package £389

10 shirt package £749