Can I change or cancel my order?

Once an order is placed, there is a 24 hour period built in whereby changes and cancellations can take place. After this period, cutting of your cloth takes place and your pattern is struck. No changes or cancellations can occur. Should you wish to make a change after this period, an admin fee of £100 will apply, plus the cost of replacing the garment you’d like to change.

Any changes to your order within the 24 hour period will incur an admin fee of £25 per change. Changes to the cloth and lining are entirely at the discretion of the management and a fee may be charged for new cloth/lining.

Cancelling an order
Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours. A £50 administration fee applies and will be deducted from monies refunded. After 24 hours, an order can be cancelled as long as no pattern work or cloth order has taken place on your behalf. If your cloth has been cut, then the order can still be cancelled, but a 50% fee will be taken to cover costs.

How does it all work?

Please see our “How it works” section of the website, where all will be explained. If you have any further questions with regards to this, please contact us.

What are the timescales involved?

From the time of order until your suit is ready for your first fitting, the time is up to 8 weeks. There are express options available, but please do discuss this with us before ordering. There will be a fee for any express orders.

Time between fittings can vary. For adjustments, we estimate 10 working days. If for any reason we are required to make a new garment for you (to achieve a better fit), we will communicate the time needed for this.

Roseberry Tailoring will endeavour to meet deadlines, however, the process is not time sensitive. Please do let us know if you need your garments by a certain date and we will do everything we possibly can to meet your date. The best policy is to allow as much notice on your order before placing to avoid disappointment.

Why do I need alterations?

Alterations are carried out on your order throughout your fittings. These are vital in order to ensure that you are happy with your finished garments, and to allow Roseberry Tailoring to update your paper pattern. Each time an adjustment is carried out, your pattern is updated. This is to ensure that your next bespoke commission is much more accurate. Future suits may require tweaking due to the variances in cloth weight and styling.

When do I pay?

Payment is made when you are ready to place your order. No cloth order or pattern work will take place until your order has been paid for. This is a bespoke commission and this does not affect your statutory rights.

How long does it take?

Roseberry Tailoring will provide you with a due date fir your order. This will be 8 weeks from the date your order was placed. If an express option is ordered, then the date will reflect the express option chosen. You will be invited to your first fitting session when your order is ready. Please note that you will have at least 3-4 fittings with your tailor to ensure that your suit fits perfectly. Some orders may be ready sooner, and some may take a little longer. We will continue fitting your garments until you are happy with your pattern.