Luxury watches to wear with a suit

When it comes to menswear, there’s nothing more timeless than a well-tailored suit. At Roseberry Tailoring, we believe in dressing confidently and carefully, which goes beyond our bespoke suits. Your shirt, tie, shoes and belt are all essential details which require thought. However, the most important detail sits on your wrist.

Black Suit

A classic black suit can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A sure-fire way to make a statement is by pairing it with a silver and black dress watch. However, don’t be afraid to break the rules. Although the Rolex Submariner is classed as a sports watch, it’s iconic 1965 print ad depicted it worn with a black dinner suit rather than a wetsuit.

Navy Suit

The second most popular suit choice is navy, which can be paired with similar watches to classic black suit. Think black and silver to channel your inner James Bond with an Omega Seamaster or add some understated detail with an ocean blue dial. The watch you choose will also depend on the formality of the event you’re attending. Keep in mind that metal bands are considered less formal.

Grey Suit

Although the shade of your suit can dictate which watch will be best suited, a classic light brown or black leather strap is a safe bet, as long as your belt and shoes are matching.

Brown or Tan Suit

Like grey, brown and tan suits come in a variety of shades, so there’s no ‘one watch fits all’. A gold face with a rich brown strap can complement most suits in this colour scheme for a timeless look

The best timepieces to invest in are simple, elegant and versatile. If you’re interested in the investment potential of your next watch, check out this in-depth guide to the Art of Luxury Watchmaking by ROX.

Investing in Luxury Watches

5 Ways to Care for and Maintain your Suit

When you spend good money on a sleek new suit, it’s only natural to want to keep it in the best possible condition. But, with so many different suit materials and styles out there, it can be difficult to know how you should be washing, ironing, and drying yours. In this article, Jack de Montaignac, Chief Commercial Officer at mobile laundry and dry-cleaning service Laundrapp, shares his top tips for caring for and maintaining your suit.

A great suit doesn’t come cheap. And, while you’re bound to take as much care possible to protect your formal outfit from splashes, spills and stains, general wear and tear over its lifetime is inevitable. Whether you wear a suit for work everyday or reserve yours for special occasions, you’ll want to make the most of your investment.

Different suit materials will require varying levels of care, so you should always check the individual care labels, but there are some steps you can take to increase the lifespan of most suits. Here, I will be sharing my top tips to ensure you are caring for and maintaining your suit properly.

Wash on a cold-water cycle
Contrary to popular belief, it’s typically fine to put your suit trousers into the washing machine unless they are made of a delicate or treated material. But, before bundling your suit jacket in straight after them, make sure you check the care label for details as these may lose their shape on harsher cycles.

Once you’re certain that your full suit can be washed at home, test-clean your suit by dabbing a small mix of water, detergent, and fabric softener on an inconspicuous area of both the lining and outer of the suit. After this, wipe a cotton earbud over the treated section and see if any of the dye comes off. If it does, you’ll need to get the suit dry cleaned.

If your suit passes the above test, I would then advise turning your suit inside out and placing it inside a mesh bag to protect it from any damage during the cycle. You should always choose the gentlest setting and slowest spin, ensuring it’s also on a cold-water cycle. Once the cycle is complete, you should always lay your suit out flat so it can retain its correct shape.

Remove creases with a steamer
All suit materials are susceptible to getting a few wrinkles every now and again, but you might want to avoid the iron. Any excess pressure or heat from traditional ironing can alter the canvas inside of your suit, especially on the chest and shoulder area where it is more structured. Plus, the temperature of your iron can also damage certain fibres, giving your sleek suit an unwanted shine.

Instead, I would recommend investing in a steamer. Not only will this knock out any creases, but it can also help to give your suit a fresher smell, too.

Brush after every wear
A suit brush is an essential to increase the lifespan of your suit. These are most commonly used for wool suits, as the fibres can attract more dirt, debris, and hair than other flatter fabric types — but they can be used to maintain a suit of many other fabrics, including tweed, too.

Brushing your suit before and after you finish wearing it shouldn’t take you longer than around a minute each time, and it will make your jacket and trousers look great. I recommend brushing the full suit in a downwards direction to ensure it looks neat and tidy. As the gentle bristles will carefully pull out any particles that have become trapped, taking the time to brush your suit can also reduce the amount of times you have to put it through the wash to get it looking clean again.

Use a wide hanger
Your suit can begin to lose its shape if it’s just tossed aside once you’ve worn it, and one cost-effective way of keeping it in great condition for longer is by buying a wide hanger with rounded edges for each suit. The shoulders on your suit need to sit properly on you to maintain a smart and sleek appearance, so picking a hanger that’s wide enough to span the whole width of your suit jacket shoulders is wise. This is because a larger hanger will be able to evenly distribute the weight, whereas a thinner one will struggle to do this.

For an extra tip, I recommend opting for a wooden hanger as these are better at drawing any moisture out of your jacket, compared to fabric or plastic ones.

Store in a garment bag
Preserving and protecting your suit from any dust, insects, or moisture is imperative to keeping it in the best condition possible. As previously mentioned, hanging it on a wide wooden hanger will help your suit maintain its shape, while storing it away in a cool, dry wardrobe will maintain the colour, as well as the material’s composition.

Once you’ve correctly hung your suit on the wooden hanger, think about protective measures. I would recommend placing it into a breathable garment bag to keep dust and debris away, so it will look and feel great for its next wear — canvas bags are great for this. Try to avoid air-tight plastic clothes covers, as these can trap in moisture, causing discolouration and leaving your suits smelling damp.

Your suit should always make you feel great but, when you fail to care for it correctly, it can quickly look worn and tired. With my top five tips, you can ensure you always feel your best in your formal jacket and trousers.

As the stars were stepping out onto the red carpet in style at the Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, and BAFTA Awards in London earlier this month, here at Roseberry Tailoring, we couldn’t help but notice the amount of immaculate tailoring that was on display. With the Oscars just around the corner, we are eagerly anticipating what other examples of stunning bespoke creations we might see.

We are of course, talking about the Ladies wear.

This year will see Ladies tailoring continue to soar as the stars such as Cara Delevingne, and Miley Cyrus to name but a few, lead the way with classic but cutting edge looks.

While this is not a new movement, Bianca Jagger could be found looking chic in a suit throughout the Seventies and Eighties. Jane Fonda wore a tuxedo to the 1979 Golden Globes and again to her 80th birthday party in 2017, and who could forget Angelina Jolie’s famous Tuxedo moment at the 2014 BAFTA Awards.

With its effortlessly cool and stylish presence, the tailored suit has been proven as a wardrobe essential.

However, it can be difficult to find a well-fitting suit to feel both stylish yet comfortable at the same time.

That needn’t be a problem.

Here at Roseberry Tailoring we offer a bespoke service with unrivalled attention to detail. There are thousands of cloth options for you to choose from, not to mention your tailor will consider factors such as your complexion, eye and hair colour to ensure your custom creation will compliment you beautifully.

Whether you are looking for an understated or flamboyant Tuxedo, a timelessly elegant Cape or perhaps it’s the humble work suit you need. It is no longer only the celebs that can have exquisite tailoring.

Treat yourself to a Roseberry Tailoring bespoke experience and add a classic piece of tailoring (or two) to your wardrobe this year.

mark beaumont

Mark Beaumont knows more than most when it comes to physical and mental endurance. His record-breaking 78 days, 14 hour and 40 minute trip around the world, saw him cycle a gruelling 18,000 miles through Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia and North America. This journey was one of a true athlete, challenging both his body and mind. When you hear him speak of the training he undertook, it is only then you start to comprehend the enormity of his achievement; climate conditioning, spending periods in isolation, diet, strict sleep patterns… 240 miles a day for 78 days is a serious undertaking.

Mark has been a friend of Roseberry Tailoring since 2016. Whilst most of us would not be able to claim Mark’s athletic prowess, or be able to cycle a tenth of Mark’s journey, he is an expert in health. We sat down with him to find out what day-to-day changes we can make to be the best version of ourselves.

mark beaumont

The scarcest commodity is time

We are busy. We are stressed. We often can’t justify the time it takes to go to the gym or bag a Munro. The truth is, by creating healthy and sustainable rules we can start to build fitness into our day-to-day lives.

  • If you regularly socialise do you need to drink every time? Do you have to have a pudding? Make choices about when you can and can’t indulge.
  • Don’t spend lunch breaks at your desk. The emails will be waiting once you come back from a refreshing walk.
  • Don’t rely on the lift. Come to an agreement about when you will take the stairs or walk rather than taking the car
  • When you train, train wisely. Spend a bit of time learning about effective workouts. If the intensity is correct, you will gain far more from an hour session than turning up day after day but barely breaking a sweat.

Being happy in your own skin is key

Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure on us to look a certain way. The truth is, by striving to be fit aesthetically we are losing the well roundedness that comes from being truly healthy. Of course we care about what people think about us, but ultimate health comes from knowing yourself. Understand your sleep patterns, what makes you happy and what is important in your life. Being happy within yourself will affect every part of your physical and mental wellbeing.

It matters that you care about yourself

Roseberry Tailoring advocate the “look good feel good” mantra. Your body language and attire represent who you are and we know that first impressions count. If you spend your day meeting people or selling a product or offering customer service, you owe it to yourself to invest in your appearance. A large number of men will wear the same suit seven days a week and don’t think about dressing for the occasion. By dressing confidently and carefully, it indicates that you care how you are perceived.

As Mark mentioned, at Roseberry Tailoring we know how important it is to not only look good but feel good. Our expert tailors will take time to understand you and your requirements and our one-on-one fittings allow us to find out who you are and craft a bespoke suit that tells the world.

For more information on booking an appointment with us, visit our website today.

Why not find out more about Mark and his breathtaking adventure Around the World in 80 Days by purchasing his latest book?

Article written by Mairi Beaver

As many of you may know, Roseberry Tailoring was created by Roddy Forfar and Chris McGowan through not only a shared passion for the trade but also through a mutual inspiration and influence that goes back through the generations. This common link that Roddy and Chris shared was through their Grandfather and Great-Grandfather respectively, who were both Tailors themselves back in the day.

In celebration of Father’s Day, we are delighted to share some words from the relatives of Roddy and Chris who can offer a true insight to Charles Emanuel Lambey and Joseph McGowan, as both Fathers, Grandfathers and Tailors.

We have been lucky enough to receive some words from Carol Forfar, the daughter of Charles Lambey:

My Dad came to the UK during World War II when the government were sending ships across the Caribbean and Commonwealth, to seek help with the war effort.  He decided to come on this great adventure with his older cousins, having fallen out with his father, a plantation owner and community leader in British Honduras, now known as Belize.

Roseberry tailoring edinburgh glasgow suits bespoke

Making clothes is a family tradition and is still carried on today.  My cousin Robert, Deputy Commissioner of Police in Belize regularly makes clothes for youth projects. My Dad trained in New York and was a highly skilled Tailor. He ended up working in the coal mines of Midlothian after he met my mother and started a family, but he always followed his tailoring role.  He made most of our clothes, including “costumes” (suits) for my mother, and regularly turned ordinary trousers into ‘drain-pipes’ for my older brother and almost every teenager in our village and beyond so they could be in fashion like Elvis and Cliff Richard.

He had clients from all over who came to him to have their clothes designed and made in our family home, and to this day I have not got a clue how they knew about him as we lived in a small mining village in Midlothian, just outside Edinburgh. His tools of the trade were his tailor’s chalk, shears, set square which he made himself, and the treadle ‘Singer’ sewing machine along with his sharpening stone. My sister and I used to help out with some hand-stitching and whatever he needed us to do if we were free.  I studied dress and design as I grew older and was more able to help and to tell him what I wanted too.

My Dad had a great sense of style as you can imagine and when my sister and I were teenagers in the ‘60’s we had the latest fashion every weekend for the dancing in town.  A memorable favourite of mine was a suit based around the Beatles no collar jacket made of black velvet with copper Buddha buttons and a black velvet skirt. Many a Friday night was spent with my sister and I showing him pictures from magazines showing him what we wanted and him drawing and cutting out patterns from old newspapers before the final article was produced in time for Saturday night. We did help!

Roseberry tailoring edinburgh glasgow suits bespoke

We have also gathered some inspiring words from the surviving relatives of Joseph McGowan:


Joseph McGowan had his own tailor shop in Shotts, Lanarkshire based on the site of the former Regal Theatre, where he worked with Mr Connolly. This would have been around the 1930’s. He later moved on to work with the Co-operative group as a tailor, first in Shotts, then onto Scotland Street in Glasgow, where he was based in the Haberdashery.

Roseberry tailoring edinburgh glasgow suits bespoke

His later career was spent working for Claude Alexander in Glasgow – the job from which he retired. Joseph and his partner Lizzie continued to look after clients into their retirement, working from home in Govan and then Nitshill, taking care of alterations and repairs to garments belonging to clients he’d met during his career. Joseph and Lizzie made a formidable team with Joseph’s tailoring skills and Lizzie’s skills as a seamstress. Joseph made suits for the whole family for any and every occasion, including wedding attire. His 3 sons, Vincent, Louis and Ernest were always told that they should “never go to Slaters”, a custom that is still practised to this day.

Among his most prized possessions were his Pipe and Whisky. His favourite brand of tobacco is remembered as Black Cut Cavendish, and there was no favourite Whisky. So long as it was Whisky, it was OK by him. In tailoring terms, he loved nothing more than watching the smile on the faces of his customers as they slipped on their new suits for the first time.

He always said that he “sold feelings and emotions and that the suits were just the product”.

When we used to visit Grandad Joseph during the school holidays, I would remember that the place was always in darkness, even in the height of summer thanks to the closeness to the Shipyards where the latest ship being built would block out the sun. I recall waking one day to blinding sunlight and finding it odd. They’d only launched the ship that morning and it was no longer blocking the sun out.

We never see Chris in anything less than a 3-piece suit and nice shoes. He’s always well-kept and smart, no matter the occasion. Joseph was the same. Any time we visited, expected or not, he was immaculate. I remember Joseph having an incredible eye for detail, an attribute that I can see in Chris.

Roseberry tailoring edinburgh glasgow suits bespoke


199710_1997204772772_8216575_n“This is a pipe and tweed man and he’ll always live in the country”. – Midwife to Duncan Findlay, Redlands Nursing Home, off Great Western Road, Glasgow.

Born on the 2nd April 1951, Duncan Scott Findlay came into this world to the words above. Rumour has it that the midwife who delivered young Duncan was a bit of a clairvoyant, offering the above words to Duncan’s mother and father upon his arrival. In early life, Duncan grew up in Ayrshire. Stair, to be precise. His father ran The Stair Inn, and was also an accomplished musician, as was his mother. Both his parents graced the stage of the famous Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow. This is an accolade that Duncan was only too happy to share with his parents when he performed there many years later. He is still a regular performer there to this day.

The Prediction

16298661_10212401691140356_5397384491812538212_nDuncan eventually swapped the West Coast for a home at the foot of the Ochils in Tillicoultry. This year marks 34 years at his current home and brings truth to the element of the above statement which mentions “He’ll always live in the country”. After careers in Music and Education, Duncan decided that it was time to complete the prediction. After reading about Roseberry Tailoring on Social Media, he decided to enquire about the possibility of  having a Tweed Jacket made. Something smart, but not too formal. Something that he can wear for all occasions. Tailored just for the man himself and with some subtle details just to make the design his own. Mr Findlay is now a “Tweed man”.

After discussing needs and ideas, we settled on a mid-grey herringbone Harris Tweed to be the basis for the jacket. Next, we selected a silver paisley leaf design for the lining, before discussing the style aspects of the jacket. This was easy as we were both more or less on the same wavelength when it came to how the jacket should look. Timeless, classic design was the key. Notched lapels of standard width. Slightly slanted pockets with a standard width pocket flap and black leather buttons, finished with side vents. Buttonholes were stitched in black thread just to finish off the look, including the lapel buttonhole. Nothing loud and shouty about this, unlike some of Duncan’s guitars.

Duncan Findlay is still an in demand professional musician and composer of music for television and film.

12033003_10208110668627475_3365243154955933514_nFinal piece of the puzzle

Now, Mr Findlay isn’t a smoker, and it’s unlikely he’ll be taking up the habit any time soon, but Roseberry Tailoring couldn’t think of any other way of handing over Duncan’s new tweed jacket than to complete the premonition. We took to the internet to find Duncan the perfect decorative pipe to accompany the jacket. We’ve had so much fun throughout this process with Duncan, hearing stories of his career in music and reminiscing over the years he spent as my lecturer at UHI in Perth. To hear of this premonition made by the midwife who delivered him back in 1951 made us think about what bespoke tailoring means to people. In this case, it meant the second instalment of bringing the premonition to life. It was only fitting that we completed the trio of predictions by presenting Duncan with this final object.

Sir, we hope you enjoy your tweed jacket for many years to come. It’s been a pleasure.


Roseberry Tailoring’s December Special Offer is designed to offer fantastic value to our already incredible product. Choose from the offers below to kick start 2017 looking the sharpest you possibly can. Roseberry Tailoring will guide you through the bespoke tailoring process every step of the way.

purple offerOffer 1

2 Piece Suit, Shirt, Tie = £800.

Choose from our Purple Label range of cloth, no exclusions. Over 140 linings to choose from to compliment your cloth choice. You can also design yourself a shirt from over 70 cloth options (worth up to £199) and choose a Tie from over 140 options (worth up to £49). Total saving of £248.

The Purple Label comprises a selection of house cloth from mills such as Dugdale Brothers, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Huddersfield Fine Worsted. We carry a wide range of colour options within this range and you’ll find good variance in weights.

Gold offerOffer 2

2 Piece Suit, 2 Shirts, 2 Ties = £1000

Choose from our Gold Label range of cloth, no exclusions. Over 140 linings to choose from to compliment your cloth choice. You can also design yourself a 2 shirts from over 70 cloth options (worth up to £398) and choose a 2 Ties from over 140 options (worth up to £98). Total saving of £498.

The Gold label includes beautiful cloth options from mills including Holland & Sherry, Bateman Ogden, W.Bill and Fox Brothers. This range also tends to cover more of the heavyweight cloth options, with plenty of lighter weight options still available and no stone left unturned when it comes to colours, stripes and checks.

Platinum offerOffer 3

3 piece Suit, 3 shirts, 3 ties = £1400

Choose from our Platinum Label range of cloth, no exclusions. With this offer, we’ll give you your waistcoat absolutely FREE (worth up to £600). There are over 250 linings to choose from to compliment your cloth choice. You can also design yourself 3 shirts from over 200 cloth options (worth up to £747) and choose 3 Ties from over 140 options (worth up to £147). Total saving of £248.

Our Platinum Label is the best value in the bespoke tailoring business. Only the finest cloth options are available in this range. Based in northern Italy, Loro Piana produces superlative textiles and luxury goods using the world’s finest, rarest raw materials. The pursuit of excellence has been its mission for six generations. We are proud to be a stockist of this most prestigious cloth and we take great delight in ensuring that every single item purchased from our Platinum range is as unique as it’s wearer. In this range, we also show some Holland & Sherry and Dormeuil.

Booking An Appointment

Booking your appointment with Roseberry Tailoring couldn’t be easier. Just click here to go straight to our easy-to-use booking page. Simply decide where you’d like to meet us and let us know a date and time that suits you (if you don’t see your desired date and time, call us on 0330 0228 007 and we’ll do what we can to help). We are happy to visit you at your home or office, our office in South Queensferry or at a city centre location convenient to you.

When purchasing a bespoke suit, besides the jacket shoulders, there are many discussions to be had. My personal method tends to work in the following order:

  1. Discuss the needs of the client
  2. Discuss the desired style
  3. Start from the collar, finish at the ankles.
  4. Take measurements
  5. Assess the unique body pattern

The Jacket Shoulders

shoulder-1Many of us take the shoulders of the jacket for granted. It’s really important in the overall cut of the suit. It’s the starting point for almost everything else that happens lower down, in terms of the fit. The most important point here is that the shoulders should look natural. Down the road of history, there were eras in which the suit shoulder was excessively wide (1980’s) and there are also factions of the industry who prefer different things, such as the Italians, who prefer to have more of a soft finish on the shoulder, as opposed to the more rigid British shoulder.

As I measure and assess clients, I’m looking for a multitude of things here. Firstly, I’m looking at whether the shoulders are normal in shape, or whether they’re more squared or sloping. Next, I’m looking to determine whether your natural stance incorporates a forward point on your shoulder. If so, how severe? Finally, I’m looking at the balance from right to left. Are you even? Or does one side fall lower than the other.

shoulder-proportionOn the more muscular body types, I’m looking at where your deltoid muscles are in relation to your shoulder points. If you’re really prominent here, I’m rethinking the position of the shoulder points. Cutting too wide can make your head appear small, while cutting too narrow can make your head appear quite large.

Summary of details

standard shoulderRope ShouldersThere’s a lot to consider here. To make it as perfect as possible, we’re discussing a soft finish vs a rigid finish, squared or sloping vs normal shape, forward points vs normal points, drop shoulders vs even shoulders and the placement of your deltoids vs your shoulder ends. The only choice you really make here is whether we have a rope sleeve head (which will stand proud on your shoulder line) or a soft crown, which will provide an elegant line from the shoulder to the sleeve.

September Offer

Our September Offer brings focus on the upcoming party season as we head into the autumn. This month at Roseberry Tailoring, you can be confident that you’ll be party ready with this two part offer.

Offer 1

Tuxedo/Dinner Suit Package.

Be prepared for the party season with our Tuxedo/Dinner suit package offer. Design your 2 piece Tux, dress shirt and bow tie from our fantastic Purple Label, using our fantastic selection of cloth earmarked exclusively for this offer. Normally, a Tuxedo alone starts at £850, with a shirt at £150 and bow tie £50. Roseberry Tailoring are offering this whole package for just £750. That’s an amazing saving of £300.

Just quote code SEPTEMBERTUXEDO when making your appointment.



e9b09fb7f10610290f598b95436eefa9Offer 2

3-Piece Suit.

To highlight one of our fantastic Purple Label cloth books, Roseberry Tailoring are offering a 3-piece suit from our Super 130’s cloth range, with over 65 cloth options available in a variety of colours and patterns. You’ll be looking sharp this autumn in a fantastic new suit worth £1080 for just £750.

Just quote code SEPTEMBER3PIECE when making your appointment.

Call our fantastic admin team now on 0330 0228 007 or book your appointment online. Remember, we can either meet you at The Crowne Plaza hotel in Edinburgh, The Piersland House Hotel in Troon, or your home or office. If you’d like to meet us in any other location, leave a suggestion in the comments box when booking and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Don’t miss out.

Don’t forget to check into our online shop, with our fantastic selection of shoes, belts, ties and pocket squares available to order. Keep a close eye throughout the month of September as we begin to add to our shoe collections with some exciting styles appearing throughout the month.

When purchasing a bespoke suit, besides the jacket cuffs, there are many discussions to be had. My personal method tends to work in the following order:

  1. Discuss the needs of the client
  2. Discuss the desired style
  3. Start from the collar, finish at the ankles.
  4. Take measurements
  5. Assess the unique body pattern

The Jacket Cuffs

Cuff1A bespoke suit should have 2 main characteristics. Number one, your cuff buttons should be functional. It’s one of the tell-tale signs of a bespoke suit. Although less used today than their origins intended, it’s still a dead giveaway. Many tailors, Roseberry Tailoring included, will decline you the option of a functioning cuff on your very first order. The reason for this is that, should the sleeve length need altered, it’s almost impossible to do this without making new sleeves.

The second characteristic is that the sleeve length should be half an inch shorter than your shirt sleeve (which will, of course, be purchased at the same time as your new suit). For those who like to wear a nice watch (like a Rolex, Panerai or Patek Phillipe), one cuff (usually the left) should be cut up to a half inch wider in diameter to allow the sleeve to fall over the watch with ease.

Cuff2Number of buttons

In reality, you can have as many buttons on your cuff as you like. I like to encourage either 3, 4 or 5 buttons depending on the length of your arm in relation to the jacket, but I’ve dealt with Mods in the past who have requested 8 buttons “kissing” (kissing means that the buttons slightly overlap each other and perhaps take up the same space as less buttons). Most business suits will have 3 or 4 buttons, some casual options will have one or two.

Other styles

Less popular, but still available are Gauntlet cuffs, where a separate piece of material is placed over the cuff of the jacket for style. This is a military derivative, but can still be found on highlandwear, gentry wear, toastmasters and official military wear.Cuff3

Roseberry Tailoring are happy to discuss such details with you before you purchase your bespoke garments. We’re delighted to take the time to ensure that the choices you make are the right ones for you, your personality and your occasion. Book an appointment today for the best style advice.