Luxury watches to wear with a suit

When it comes to menswear, there’s nothing more timeless than a well-tailored suit. At Roseberry Tailoring, we believe in dressing confidently and carefully, which goes beyond our bespoke suits. Your shirt, tie, shoes and belt are all essential details which require thought. However, the most important detail sits on your wrist.

Black Suit

A classic black suit can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A sure-fire way to make a statement is by pairing it with a silver and black dress watch. However, don’t be afraid to break the rules. Although the Rolex Submariner is classed as a sports watch, it’s iconic 1965 print ad depicted it worn with a black dinner suit rather than a wetsuit.

Navy Suit

The second most popular suit choice is navy, which can be paired with similar watches to classic black suit. Think black and silver to channel your inner James Bond with an Omega Seamaster or add some understated detail with an ocean blue dial. The watch you choose will also depend on the formality of the event you’re attending. Keep in mind that metal bands are considered less formal.

Grey Suit

Although the shade of your suit can dictate which watch will be best suited, a classic light brown or black leather strap is a safe bet, as long as your belt and shoes are matching.

Brown or Tan Suit

Like grey, brown and tan suits come in a variety of shades, so there’s no ‘one watch fits all’. A gold face with a rich brown strap can complement most suits in this colour scheme for a timeless look

The best timepieces to invest in are simple, elegant and versatile. If you’re interested in the investment potential of your next watch, check out this in-depth guide to the Art of Luxury Watchmaking by ROX.

Investing in Luxury Watches

At Roseberry Tailoring, we’re always working hard to constantly improve our service. We value the feedback that we receive from our clients and, where possible, we look into methods where we can make things better. One major issue over the past few years has been the fact that we were never really able to offer our clients a “speedy” service. Our standard lead time of 8 weeks has always been in place, but in the past, the quickest we could offer was 5 weeks and then only if the team were able to.

We’re very pleased to announce our new lead times for ordering. It’s quite exciting to announce this as it allows us to help quite a number of people. People who have perhaps left it later than usual to arrange their wedding outfits. People who require something special for that big job interview. Even people who need a new linen jacket for their upcoming holiday.

Roseberry Tailoring can now offer Super Express tailoring with your order (at an additional cost of £199 per suit order, or £50 per shirt order). This guarantees that your garments will be ready to try on in just 3 weeks. That’s 5 weeks sooner than our standard ordering. Your garments can be ready for their first fitting in just 21 days from ordering. To support our super express tailoring, we will offer all alterations within 5 days. This service can only be offered on our House cloth range, which is our Purple Label.

In addition, we are also offering an Express tailoring option, where your order will be available for your first fitting within 4 weeks of ordering, taking a whole month off our standard lead times. This costs an additional £99 (£25 for shirt orders) and means that your garments will be ready for your first fitting in just 28 days from ordering. We’ve also created an Express Alterations service to match this, meaning that your alterations will be ready in just 10 days from your fitting.

To remind you all of our standard services, we ensure that all orders are ready for their first fitting within 8 weeks from the order date. Our alterations take up to 2 weeks on our standard service, but alteration packages can be upgraded throughout the service upon request. Just speak to your tailor at your fitting to arrange if you need your garments back sooner than the standard 2 weeks.

If this is music to your ears and you have a requirement for a bespoke suit on one of our express services, please call 03300228007 or book an appointment at one of our studios to discuss your requirements. We can’t wait to become your tailor of choice.

5 Ways to Care for and Maintain your Suit

When you spend good money on a sleek new suit, it’s only natural to want to keep it in the best possible condition. But, with so many different suit materials and styles out there, it can be difficult to know how you should be washing, ironing, and drying yours. In this article, Jack de Montaignac, Chief Commercial Officer at mobile laundry and dry-cleaning service Laundrapp, shares his top tips for caring for and maintaining your suit.

A great suit doesn’t come cheap. And, while you’re bound to take as much care possible to protect your formal outfit from splashes, spills and stains, general wear and tear over its lifetime is inevitable. Whether you wear a suit for work everyday or reserve yours for special occasions, you’ll want to make the most of your investment.

Different suit materials will require varying levels of care, so you should always check the individual care labels, but there are some steps you can take to increase the lifespan of most suits. Here, I will be sharing my top tips to ensure you are caring for and maintaining your suit properly.

Wash on a cold-water cycle
Contrary to popular belief, it’s typically fine to put your suit trousers into the washing machine unless they are made of a delicate or treated material. But, before bundling your suit jacket in straight after them, make sure you check the care label for details as these may lose their shape on harsher cycles.

Once you’re certain that your full suit can be washed at home, test-clean your suit by dabbing a small mix of water, detergent, and fabric softener on an inconspicuous area of both the lining and outer of the suit. After this, wipe a cotton earbud over the treated section and see if any of the dye comes off. If it does, you’ll need to get the suit dry cleaned.

If your suit passes the above test, I would then advise turning your suit inside out and placing it inside a mesh bag to protect it from any damage during the cycle. You should always choose the gentlest setting and slowest spin, ensuring it’s also on a cold-water cycle. Once the cycle is complete, you should always lay your suit out flat so it can retain its correct shape.

Remove creases with a steamer
All suit materials are susceptible to getting a few wrinkles every now and again, but you might want to avoid the iron. Any excess pressure or heat from traditional ironing can alter the canvas inside of your suit, especially on the chest and shoulder area where it is more structured. Plus, the temperature of your iron can also damage certain fibres, giving your sleek suit an unwanted shine.

Instead, I would recommend investing in a steamer. Not only will this knock out any creases, but it can also help to give your suit a fresher smell, too.

Brush after every wear
A suit brush is an essential to increase the lifespan of your suit. These are most commonly used for wool suits, as the fibres can attract more dirt, debris, and hair than other flatter fabric types — but they can be used to maintain a suit of many other fabrics, including tweed, too.

Brushing your suit before and after you finish wearing it shouldn’t take you longer than around a minute each time, and it will make your jacket and trousers look great. I recommend brushing the full suit in a downwards direction to ensure it looks neat and tidy. As the gentle bristles will carefully pull out any particles that have become trapped, taking the time to brush your suit can also reduce the amount of times you have to put it through the wash to get it looking clean again.

Use a wide hanger
Your suit can begin to lose its shape if it’s just tossed aside once you’ve worn it, and one cost-effective way of keeping it in great condition for longer is by buying a wide hanger with rounded edges for each suit. The shoulders on your suit need to sit properly on you to maintain a smart and sleek appearance, so picking a hanger that’s wide enough to span the whole width of your suit jacket shoulders is wise. This is because a larger hanger will be able to evenly distribute the weight, whereas a thinner one will struggle to do this.

For an extra tip, I recommend opting for a wooden hanger as these are better at drawing any moisture out of your jacket, compared to fabric or plastic ones.

Store in a garment bag
Preserving and protecting your suit from any dust, insects, or moisture is imperative to keeping it in the best condition possible. As previously mentioned, hanging it on a wide wooden hanger will help your suit maintain its shape, while storing it away in a cool, dry wardrobe will maintain the colour, as well as the material’s composition.

Once you’ve correctly hung your suit on the wooden hanger, think about protective measures. I would recommend placing it into a breathable garment bag to keep dust and debris away, so it will look and feel great for its next wear — canvas bags are great for this. Try to avoid air-tight plastic clothes covers, as these can trap in moisture, causing discolouration and leaving your suits smelling damp.

Your suit should always make you feel great but, when you fail to care for it correctly, it can quickly look worn and tired. With my top five tips, you can ensure you always feel your best in your formal jacket and trousers.

As the stars were stepping out onto the red carpet in style at the Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, and BAFTA Awards in London earlier this month, here at Roseberry Tailoring, we couldn’t help but notice the amount of immaculate tailoring that was on display. With the Oscars just around the corner, we are eagerly anticipating what other examples of stunning bespoke creations we might see.

We are of course, talking about the Ladies wear.

This year will see Ladies tailoring continue to soar as the stars such as Cara Delevingne, and Miley Cyrus to name but a few, lead the way with classic but cutting edge looks.

While this is not a new movement, Bianca Jagger could be found looking chic in a suit throughout the Seventies and Eighties. Jane Fonda wore a tuxedo to the 1979 Golden Globes and again to her 80th birthday party in 2017, and who could forget Angelina Jolie’s famous Tuxedo moment at the 2014 BAFTA Awards.

With its effortlessly cool and stylish presence, the tailored suit has been proven as a wardrobe essential.

However, it can be difficult to find a well-fitting suit to feel both stylish yet comfortable at the same time.

That needn’t be a problem.

Here at Roseberry Tailoring we offer a bespoke service with unrivalled attention to detail. There are thousands of cloth options for you to choose from, not to mention your tailor will consider factors such as your complexion, eye and hair colour to ensure your custom creation will compliment you beautifully.

Whether you are looking for an understated or flamboyant Tuxedo, a timelessly elegant Cape or perhaps it’s the humble work suit you need. It is no longer only the celebs that can have exquisite tailoring.

Treat yourself to a Roseberry Tailoring bespoke experience and add a classic piece of tailoring (or two) to your wardrobe this year.

mark beaumont

Mark Beaumont knows more than most when it comes to physical and mental endurance. His record-breaking 78 days, 14 hour and 40 minute trip around the world, saw him cycle a gruelling 18,000 miles through Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia and North America. This journey was one of a true athlete, challenging both his body and mind. When you hear him speak of the training he undertook, it is only then you start to comprehend the enormity of his achievement; climate conditioning, spending periods in isolation, diet, strict sleep patterns… 240 miles a day for 78 days is a serious undertaking.

Mark has been a friend of Roseberry Tailoring since 2016. Whilst most of us would not be able to claim Mark’s athletic prowess, or be able to cycle a tenth of Mark’s journey, he is an expert in health. We sat down with him to find out what day-to-day changes we can make to be the best version of ourselves.

mark beaumont

The scarcest commodity is time

We are busy. We are stressed. We often can’t justify the time it takes to go to the gym or bag a Munro. The truth is, by creating healthy and sustainable rules we can start to build fitness into our day-to-day lives.

  • If you regularly socialise do you need to drink every time? Do you have to have a pudding? Make choices about when you can and can’t indulge.
  • Don’t spend lunch breaks at your desk. The emails will be waiting once you come back from a refreshing walk.
  • Don’t rely on the lift. Come to an agreement about when you will take the stairs or walk rather than taking the car
  • When you train, train wisely. Spend a bit of time learning about effective workouts. If the intensity is correct, you will gain far more from an hour session than turning up day after day but barely breaking a sweat.

Being happy in your own skin is key

Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure on us to look a certain way. The truth is, by striving to be fit aesthetically we are losing the well roundedness that comes from being truly healthy. Of course we care about what people think about us, but ultimate health comes from knowing yourself. Understand your sleep patterns, what makes you happy and what is important in your life. Being happy within yourself will affect every part of your physical and mental wellbeing.

It matters that you care about yourself

Roseberry Tailoring advocate the “look good feel good” mantra. Your body language and attire represent who you are and we know that first impressions count. If you spend your day meeting people or selling a product or offering customer service, you owe it to yourself to invest in your appearance. A large number of men will wear the same suit seven days a week and don’t think about dressing for the occasion. By dressing confidently and carefully, it indicates that you care how you are perceived.

As Mark mentioned, at Roseberry Tailoring we know how important it is to not only look good but feel good. Our expert tailors will take time to understand you and your requirements and our one-on-one fittings allow us to find out who you are and craft a bespoke suit that tells the world.

For more information on booking an appointment with us, visit our website today.

Why not find out more about Mark and his breathtaking adventure Around the World in 80 Days by purchasing his latest book?

Article written by Mairi Beaver

As many of you may know, Roseberry Tailoring was created by Roddy Forfar and Chris McGowan through not only a shared passion for the trade but also through a mutual inspiration and influence that goes back through the generations. This common link that Roddy and Chris shared was through their Grandfather and Great-Grandfather respectively, who were both Tailors themselves back in the day.

In celebration of Father’s Day, we are delighted to share some words from the relatives of Roddy and Chris who can offer a true insight to Charles Emanuel Lambey and Joseph McGowan, as both Fathers, Grandfathers and Tailors.

We have been lucky enough to receive some words from Carol Forfar, the daughter of Charles Lambey:

My Dad came to the UK during World War II when the government were sending ships across the Caribbean and Commonwealth, to seek help with the war effort.  He decided to come on this great adventure with his older cousins, having fallen out with his father, a plantation owner and community leader in British Honduras, now known as Belize.

Roseberry tailoring edinburgh glasgow suits bespoke

Making clothes is a family tradition and is still carried on today.  My cousin Robert, Deputy Commissioner of Police in Belize regularly makes clothes for youth projects. My Dad trained in New York and was a highly skilled Tailor. He ended up working in the coal mines of Midlothian after he met my mother and started a family, but he always followed his tailoring role.  He made most of our clothes, including “costumes” (suits) for my mother, and regularly turned ordinary trousers into ‘drain-pipes’ for my older brother and almost every teenager in our village and beyond so they could be in fashion like Elvis and Cliff Richard.

He had clients from all over who came to him to have their clothes designed and made in our family home, and to this day I have not got a clue how they knew about him as we lived in a small mining village in Midlothian, just outside Edinburgh. His tools of the trade were his tailor’s chalk, shears, set square which he made himself, and the treadle ‘Singer’ sewing machine along with his sharpening stone. My sister and I used to help out with some hand-stitching and whatever he needed us to do if we were free.  I studied dress and design as I grew older and was more able to help and to tell him what I wanted too.

My Dad had a great sense of style as you can imagine and when my sister and I were teenagers in the ‘60’s we had the latest fashion every weekend for the dancing in town.  A memorable favourite of mine was a suit based around the Beatles no collar jacket made of black velvet with copper Buddha buttons and a black velvet skirt. Many a Friday night was spent with my sister and I showing him pictures from magazines showing him what we wanted and him drawing and cutting out patterns from old newspapers before the final article was produced in time for Saturday night. We did help!

Roseberry tailoring edinburgh glasgow suits bespoke

We have also gathered some inspiring words from the surviving relatives of Joseph McGowan:


Joseph McGowan had his own tailor shop in Shotts, Lanarkshire based on the site of the former Regal Theatre, where he worked with Mr Connolly. This would have been around the 1930’s. He later moved on to work with the Co-operative group as a tailor, first in Shotts, then onto Scotland Street in Glasgow, where he was based in the Haberdashery.

Roseberry tailoring edinburgh glasgow suits bespoke

His later career was spent working for Claude Alexander in Glasgow – the job from which he retired. Joseph and his partner Lizzie continued to look after clients into their retirement, working from home in Govan and then Nitshill, taking care of alterations and repairs to garments belonging to clients he’d met during his career. Joseph and Lizzie made a formidable team with Joseph’s tailoring skills and Lizzie’s skills as a seamstress. Joseph made suits for the whole family for any and every occasion, including wedding attire. His 3 sons, Vincent, Louis and Ernest were always told that they should “never go to Slaters”, a custom that is still practised to this day.

Among his most prized possessions were his Pipe and Whisky. His favourite brand of tobacco is remembered as Black Cut Cavendish, and there was no favourite Whisky. So long as it was Whisky, it was OK by him. In tailoring terms, he loved nothing more than watching the smile on the faces of his customers as they slipped on their new suits for the first time.

He always said that he “sold feelings and emotions and that the suits were just the product”.

When we used to visit Grandad Joseph during the school holidays, I would remember that the place was always in darkness, even in the height of summer thanks to the closeness to the Shipyards where the latest ship being built would block out the sun. I recall waking one day to blinding sunlight and finding it odd. They’d only launched the ship that morning and it was no longer blocking the sun out.

We never see Chris in anything less than a 3-piece suit and nice shoes. He’s always well-kept and smart, no matter the occasion. Joseph was the same. Any time we visited, expected or not, he was immaculate. I remember Joseph having an incredible eye for detail, an attribute that I can see in Chris.

Roseberry tailoring edinburgh glasgow suits bespoke

How would you like some free shirts?

When you purchase any suit from Roseberry Tailoring this month, we’ll cut you some shirts to compliment your outfit, absolutely FREE! This amazing offer (worth up to £447) will apply to any suit purchased from our Purple, Gold or Platinum Label ranges and will be available until 31st March 2018.


Book Now:

Simply book your appointment today to discuss your Spring Wardrobe Requirements. You’ll find us at One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow’s glorious West End, Our HQ at Dalmeny, South Queensferry, or at your home or office or hotel near you.

Corporate Offers:

Did you know that if you are a regular suit wearer, and work for one of our listed Corporate Partners, you may be entitled to receive our Corporate Offers? Contact Us now to find out more.



With reports of a record number of engagements this Christmas & New Year, it’s fair to say that there’s a busy wedding season ahead. Perhaps the inclination to follow on the heels of a Royal Wedding with the news of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle has something to do with it, perhaps not! But it does mean one thing. Brides and Grooms across the country are going to be busy.

Where to start?

The list is growing. It’s an exciting time for everyone. Bridesmaids chosen, best men, groomsmen and ushers. Stag and Hen parties to organise, but first, most people search for their perfect venue.

Roseberry Tailoring exhibited in January at The Luxury Scottish Wedding show in the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. a beautiful setting for any wedding in its own right, but there must have been around a dozen other venues in attendance. It’s the start of the wedding show season right now, and wedding shows are the perfect place to meet venues, photographers, dressmakers, wedding cars and, of course, tailors. We had plentiful conversations with local businesses such as Freja, who make the most beautiful wedding dresses, Morgan & Rose Photography – capturing the most amazing images of your most important day, and Jonathan Gilbert of Edinburgh Watch Company with some stunning and unique luxury timepieces on display.

We had a fantastic time talking to brides and grooms, with many remarking that they’d also be interested in Business wear alongside their wedding outfits. Edinburgh, in particular, is a fantastic city, full of interesting characters who are avid Tweed, Tartan and Flannel wearers. The ideas for wedding outfits are wide and varied, and the certainty in which they speak is to be applauded. We really do look forward to meeting you all over the coming months to talk about your weddings.


This year, we are seeing more of a return to tradition with requests for more morning tails, tuxedos and Kilts. There’s still no letting up on the current Tweed fashions and the ever-present Tartan requests. When it comes to colours, Blue is most requested, but not Navy. The shades tend to be lighter. More like French Navy Blue or Petrol Blue. Our groom from 2017, Philip, is a classic example of the type of blue we’re seeing most.

When it comes to Tweed, it’s a fascinating appointment. There are many considerations, and the colour scheme of both the wedding and the client are paramount. It’s important that the base colour of the suit works well with the client’s skin tone. Hair colour, eye colour (and these days, Beard) are also important considerations. The colour scheme for the wedding can be incorporated into any check or weave pattern, lining, tie/cravat/handkerchief combination or boutonniere.Tartan often carries a similar consideration, although for most it comes down to clan or family name rather than the colours involved. I’ve always enjoyed working with Tartan as there are many amazing ideas on how to dress it up or have some fun with it. Our range of amazing linings can help bring any tartan to life.

Are you getting married this year?

Roseberry Tailoring wasn’t just at the wedding show to make up the numbers. We came armed with an offer for Grooms that was too good to refuse. When you choose Roseberry Tailoring to create your beautiful bespoke Wedding garments, you can have your waistcoat on us. Think of it as an early wedding gift. Simply choose your favourite cloth and lining combination and get measured for a 3-piece suit, paying only the 2-piece price.

Our most popular Wedding suit range is the Platinum Label, incorporating some exquisite Italian cloth and the finest of British. Beautiful Tweeds and Tartans and a range of spectacular colours. After all, wouldn’t you want the best for your wedding day? The bride demands the best of everything – including the Groom’s suit. Our Purple Label is a great starting place with a 2-piece at just £850. With over 500 cloth options available in the Purple Label alone, there is no shortage of choice. Our Gold Label is also vast and carries an amazing range of lightweight wool, heavyweight Flannel and yet more Tartan and Tweed.

Book today for your Wedding Consultation. We’re available at our South Queensferry HQ, your home or office, or at a chosen location in Edinburgh, such as the Balmoral Hotel, Waldorf Astoria or Hotel du Vin. We also regularly meet clients at the Crowne Plaza on Royal Terrace. You can also read more here about our new Glasgow studio in the luxurious boutique Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens. We’d be delighted to host you and talk through your requirements.


p.s. If you’re interested in group bookings for the best men, groomsmen, fathers and ushers, simply let us know in advance. We’re happy to cater for larger parties and we’ll work out a package deal for everyone. Plus, when you do this, we bring the beers & whisky (or prosecco, if that’s your tipple). To find out more about our wedding packages, call 03300228007 today.

Roseberry Tailoring are the Official Formalwear Partner of Scottish Rugby and have been visiting clients in Glasgow for the past few years now. While we absolutely love visiting our clients in the city, whether it be at their home or offices, we feel that the time has come to give the good people of Glasgow a place to visit us. We’re delighted to announce that, as of the 7th Feb 2018, we’ll be taking up residence in the famous Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens.

One Devonshire Gardens

Set in the beautiful West End of the city, the Hotel du Vin offers the perfect place to come and relax whilst choosing your new bespoke garments. Quiet surroundings, beautiful architecture and secluded gardens. Not to mention some amazing artwork and furnishings. You’ll find free parking all around the building and a welcoming tea or coffee on arrival. Of course, if you’re all done for the day, why not enjoy the famous Whisky room before making the journey home.

Our Studio

When you arrive, just check in with the reception staff at House 3. You’ll be invited to take a seat in the luxurious lounge of House 3. Your tailor will greet you before leading you through house 4 and into the studio in house 5. We’ll be situated in the Glengoyne room, which has many unique features. Not least the beautiful terrace gardens which the room has direct access to through double doors (We can’t wait for summer).

Once settled, you’ll be able to view some of our work on our mannequins, and browse some of the outfits awaiting collection (If we’re lucky enough to have some present). Our cloth range will be available for you to browse and your tailor will help you find the perfect cloth for your needs. Your tailor will then take your measurements, taking the time to discuss with you just exactly how you would like them to fit.

When your garments are ready for fitting, you’ll be invited back in to try on. Any adjustments necessary will be carried out locally and a further fitting will be scheduled. All adjustments are then added to your pattern, and any further purchases are delivered with those adjustments already taken care of. Meaning that your garments should fit perfectly straight from the hanger.

Book Your Appointment

To celebrate the launch of our new location, Roseberry Tailoring would like to offer any client who purchases from the Glasgow studio in the month of February a complimentary upgrade to a 3-piece suit. Simply choose your cloth and lining options, style your suit (as a 3-piece) and only pay the 2-piece price. Just book your appointment here to qualify, and we’ll take you through the options in studio.

We can’t wait to see you there.


The Right Shade of Blue

A bespoke suit to be proud of


Back in late November it was revealed that after a year of dating in the public eye, Prince Harry and former Suits star Meghan Markle were to wed. Following in his older brother’s footsteps, this meant an engagement photoshoot at Kensington Palace was required as well as the necessary announcement from Prince Charles.


Of course, the prince looked impeccable, which should come as no surprise—when you’ve got a dad as swaggy as Charles and what we can only assume is a SWAT team of tailors at your beck and call, your suit always fits. On to the colour – aptly named Kensington Steel Blue and an impeccable choice. This shade of medium blue is less serious and conventional than Navy, but it isn’t that full, flashy royal blue that is often associated with celebrities. This shade would be more befitting of gracing the stage at Pitti Uomo.


If this Suit has inspired you, here at Roseberry Tailoring we have a number of cloth options from both our Purple and Gold Labels that could be fashioned into a respectful alternative.


We also have our range of handmade to order Paul Parkman Shoes (of which we can recommend these), to go with the suit excellently. If you prefer something a little more flamboyant than a simple slim black tie, why not complete your ensemble with a Silk Pocket Square instead?

We have also chosen to notify you of some of our recommended venues around Edinburgh and Glasgow you may wish to visit in your new suit, these have been tried and tested by yours truly so I can hand on heart say that you will not be disappointed with a visit – and a fine opportunity to get dressed to the nines!

Prestonfield House, Edinburgh

Why not enjoy Afternoon Tea here at the opulent Rhubarb Restaurant, the latest destination restaurant by James Thomson. Prestonfield also has a collection of ravishing private dining rooms available, which can cater for anything from breakfast to a celebratory lunch, to a formal dinner party.


The Witchery by the Castle, Edinburgh


The dining options at The Witchery are endless- private dining is also on offer here, as well as The Secret Garden. Their Guest Book has been signed by the likes of Ralph Fiennes, Audrey Tatou and Dan Brown


The Corinthian, Glasgow

It’s hard to think of a reason NOT to wear a brand spanking new suit to the Corinthian Club- whether it’s to visit the unique Casino, or to enjoy a Whisky Experience as part of Private Dining—or even attend a Wedding…