Golden Globes Style 2017

The new 2009 Golden Globe statuettes are on display during an unveiling by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. The 66th annual Golden Globe Awards are scheduled for January 11. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage)

Meryl Streep… Wow! Style aside, she was head and shoulders above the impact of any of the outfits worn at this years Golden Globes. Meryl managed to take down an individual in a 5 minute speech, without actually mentioning any names. Everyone knew exactly who she was referencing, and there were a few tears shed at the words spoken. However, lets take a look at the outfits that were overshadowed and pick through he best of the bunch.

Style Outfits

Lets take a look at some of the outfits worn on the night. All very formal in style, but this year, much more variance in the colours, textures and finishes. Even Double Breasted suits had a look-in. We’ll start with the traditional black tux as worn by Jimmy Fallon, Sylvester Stallone and Tom Hiddleston (all pictured). This never goes out of fashion for awards and presentations. It’s the ultimate in formal wear for such an occasion. Of the outfits below, I really like the peak lapels on Jimmy’s singe breasted, one-button jacket.

jimmy-fallon stallone tom-hiddleston

This year though, I was pleased to see Tom and Sly sporting Double Breasted. I think this is a fantastic style which is sadly not as readily available in the retail stores these days. Having said that, unless you’re a typical shop-mannequin shape, it’s best to visit your tailor for this style. Body shape and style advice is often underrated. My own personal view on this style is to have peaked lapels, straight cut pockets and either a closed vent, or double vent (depending on body shape). Also, a button figuration in keeping with the body shape too. My favourite is 6 buttons, 2 fastening (just like the guys in the pictures). If you’re looking for something to wear a little more casually, some fun can be had with stitching, buttons and linings.

Ryan Gosling

ryan-goslingKnown for his impeccable style, this handsome Canadian always seems to stand out on the red carpet. This year is no different, rocking the white tux jacket, with contrasting black trousers. Very sharp and stands out on a night where most of the chaps turn out in black. I especially like the slim shawl collar on this jacket, coupled with the straight cut pocket. Very elegant.

Donald Glover

donald-gloverA man of many talents. Actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, rapper, singer, and songwriter. At the Golden Globes however, he was simply a style icon. Daring to wear velvet (which I’m a huge fan of), he also chose a phenomenal brown shade which really works well with his complexion. Many over the years have tried brown (including Mr Gosling, above), which is a difficult colour to pull off properly. To pair it with Velvet is a risky move, but I think Mr Glover made a fantastic fist of it, leading him to be my pick of the evening. That was, until I clapped eyes on our final icon.

Justin Timberlake

justin-timberlakeAnd he does it again. Not the first time he’s stepped out in an amazing contrast tux, however, this one carries some hallmarks we’ve seen Mr Timberlake sporting before. Textured cloth seems to be a favourite, as does the contrast gauntlet cuff. This particular outfit is my pick of the evening, and Mr Timberlake wears it well. I’ve often commented on his outfits in the past and this is quite similar to a navy tux worn to a ceremony around 2013. I know a certain barber in Aberdeen who’d look good in this.

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