Today, I’ve been sent a rather interesting article from a friend of mine. Of course, our business is called Roseberry Tailoring, and we know of the reason behind the naming of the brand. However, here’s a little “Roseberry” fact that you might not all know.


Lord Rosebery (note the subtle difference in spelling) was the 5th Earl of Rosebery and the former Prime Minister of the UK (1894-1895). He was a keen sportsman and was the first president of the London Scottish Football Rugby club in 1878. Shortly after, he became involved in Association football in Scotland. The Rosebery Charity Cup was donated to the East of Scotland football association, which ran for 60 years and raised money for charities in the Edinburgh area.

Notably (and hence the reason why the article which was sent to me by a friend is relevant), he also became honorary president of the SFA. His traditional racing colours were primrose and pink (pictured) which he often insisted were worn in place of the traditional dark navy blue. The British Home Championship of 1900 was one such occasion, a game which was won by the scots by 4 goals to 1. Most recently, these colours were again used for the Scottish National team away kit in 1914. The rumours are that, for the coming season, this will also be the away kit for Heart of Midlothian football club. Lord Rosebery also held a similar role at the Edinburgh club, with fan groups almost certain that this strip is in tribute to him. To view the article, click here.

Interesting….. No more than an hour after writing this, it seems it’s no longer a rumour. Heart of Midlothian FC have confirmed. Click here.


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