The Importance of Details

This blog will be the first of many which will take us through some of the most important parts of a suit. We’ll look at the traditional origins of each part and we’ll discuss what we can do, through details, in the modern era to add impact to your outfits. From collars to the trouser ankle, Roseberry Tailoring will take you through the whole suit.

The Importance of Detailsdetails

When it comes to choosing your bespoke suit, there are a number of choices you’ll discuss with your tailor. With his help and depth of knowledge on each part of the garments, he’ll help you create garments befitting of your needs, whether casual, business or formal. It is important to understand the perception of your choices from other people’s perspectives. Those who know, know. Those who know may pass comment on such choices and if you understand the reasons, you can converse properly. If you don’t you may be subjected to “lectures” by those who would wish to educate you.


Lets take for an example your jacket Lapels. You’re creating a formal garment. It’s to be used for black tie events as well as award ceremonies and weddings. You choose a slim cut, notched lapel faced in Grosgrain Satin. Whilst your choices may be your preferences, your tailor may wish to educate you on the benefits of a Peaked Lapel, standard width or a rather elegant slimmer cut shawl collar for such use. He may even educate you on the origins of such lapels and why they’d be more apt for your requirements. If, after this, you still decide to opt for the slim cut, notched lapel faced in Grosgrain Satin, at least you’ll be prepared with plenty of knowledge as to the correct “etiquette” for your event. This should provide you great conversation material around the dinner table.


Of course, this is simply a snapshot of why details are indeed so important. Follow on to next week’s blog to find out about our first topic where we’ll discuss your suit collar. I look forward to engaging in conversation with you all in the comments sections. Click at the top of this blog to book your appointment should you wish to discuss having something made.



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