461c5432743dc5710b6ddcf048a0d743Every year, we help grooms all around the country to choose the perfect outfit for their wedding day. The role of your tailor in helping you choose these garments should not be underestimated. We are there to listen to your thoughts, ideas and any instructions given over by your bride. It’s then up to us to help transform those ideas into the perfect wedding outfit. Groomswear has evolved massively over the years and it’s our job to help you achieve exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Choosing your Groomswear:

When it comes to putting everything together for you, there are many factors that your tailor must take into account. For a start, the colour scheme of the wedding. There are many ways to incorporate this into your outfit. Whether it be your lining colour, your neckwear, pocket square, the suit itself or even just the little finishing touches on the suit such as stitching or buttonholes. Your tailor will also have to think carefully about the time of year. Does it really make sense to be spending your big day in heavy flannels in the middle of July? Each case has it’s own merits, but we’ll be there to guide you on cloth weights, weaves and construction.

Future Use:

79e8614db9ad969a9f0c0629c3c51615Think about it. Will this suit be used again? If so, how often? Believe me when I say that it can make a huge difference to how your tailor looks at his cloth books if he knows you’re going to wear your suit often. One doesn’t want too fine a cloth to be worn for business afterwards, otherwise you’ll be back for spare trousers far too soon. Also, and this is often the case. Many a groom will be looking for that statement piece for the wedding. Bright or unusual colour perhaps, or a bold check pattern. If you’re having thoughts on integrating this piece with your working wardrobe, perhaps you’ll want to stop and think for a moment.┬áThe role of your tailor here is to make all of these decisions very easy for you. A natural flow from start to finish. Almost like you didn’t need to make a decision.

The Process:

Once you’ve set your date, VISIT YOUR TAILOR. It’s imperative that you don’t leave things to the last moment when deciding on your groomswear. Most tailors will offer a free consultation to discuss your needs with you before you make any final decisions. The purpose of this appointment should be to get your ideas across and perhaps view some cloth options. Getting to know your tailor and the service he provides. Also, learn of his timescales and the number of expected fittings. Order early though, and attend fittings as soon as they become available. Don’t leave long periods between fittings.

Roseberry Tailoring like to have your suit hanging in your wardrobe at home long before your wedding day. As part of our groomswear service, we provide an appointment again 2 weeks before your wedding day for any final finishes. Even if nothing is required, it’s good to be reassured.

After the wedding:

We hope you’ve enjoyed your big day, and we hope your garments lived up to expectation. Again, at this point, many tailoring firms will have hung up the tapes, safe in the knowledge that the job is done. Roseberry Tailoring take great pleasure in making you aware that we offer a 6 week period after your wedding to return your suit to us for any further adjustments. After all, if you’re going to put this suit into regular use, you might want to let out the back drapes a little, or change the trouser length a little. We’re here to take care of this for you. It’s important to us that you’re 100% happy and that we’ve done everything possible to ensure that. 2014-07-27_Mari&Chris_324-XL

Of course, you may also want to send us some images of your big day, and we’d be delighted to accept.




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