Tim Visser – The Flying Dutchman

Tim Visser 1It’s been quite an exciting week for Roseberry Tailoring. Tim Visser, Scottish Rugby international and Harlequins winger, booked an appointment to choose his brand new suit. Tim has plenty of suits at home, but wanted this one to be more of a statement piece. Something that’ll look fantastic as an ensemble, but something that will double up as a great jacket for a slightly more casual look.





Tim Visser 2When it comes to this type of order, the devil really is in the details. Making sure that the jacket has just enough of the finishing touches to make it an excellent stand alone piece, but not too much going on that it ruins a perfectly good suit. We spoke about a few touches, settled on some contrast stitch details and worked on pocket angles and lapel widths.

Tim is a tall lad. It’s important to remember that proportions are to be carefully considered when dealing with an athletic physique. Sure, we want to ensure that the suit fits well on the torso, and that the trousers have a nice slim taper to them, but we also want to pay attention to the lengths to ensure that we don’t create something entirely casual.


Tim Visser 3After looking through some images on Tim’s iPad (some favoured by his better half, others not), I had a fair idea of the type of look Tim wanted to go for. We have a huge selection of cloth to choose from at Roseberry, from mills such as Holland¬†& Sherry, W.Bill, Loro Piana and Dormeuil,¬†but Tim settled on one we both agreed on. Next item on the agenda was the suit lining. Again, we have a large selection, but in the search for something just that little bit different, Tim opted for our Twisted Linings bunch. Anyone in any doubt about how impressive these are should head on over to their website and see for yourselves.

We’ll see you again in a few weeks Tim. Good luck this weekend. #backingblue #asone


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