The Modfather Of Style

Paul Weller is one cool guy. Pretty Apt for a man who led a band called The Style Council. The Modfather, as he’s often referred to does own his own clothing label – All Stars Are Rare. I’m a huge fan of Paul Weller wearing suits. Weller is often spotted in Double Breasted suits, and he really suits a Pinstripe. He’s a beacon of fashion for the older generation who perhaps think that they have to keep things simple when it comes to choosing suits. The simple fact, gents, is that you don’t. You can still choose Style.

Weller Style

Double Breasted:

Not afraid to flourish his outfits either with exaggerated pocket squares, he still manages to look very stylish, even without a tie. The oversized collar and the use of a 2 tone shoe really helps this outfit make a statement. Larger than average lapel widths really do help make a style statement too. This suit being a Double Breasted style gives the impression here of a low neck line, however, when buttoned, it will sit much higher.


Weller Collage

 Single Breasted:

On the next image, we see a more typical Mod style. 4 buttons high on the jacket, Waistcoat begins high on the breastplate and the trousers have a slight flare at the ankle. Most Mod style suits of the current era will have a slightly narrower ankle finishing just above the shoe. Still a narrow fit over the seat and thigh – some things never change.


Style Doesn’t Age:

The whole point of a blog post featuring The Modfather, is to remind you all that Style has no age. I recently came across the image below of a chap believed to be 104 years old. I’m not so sure of his actual age, but he’s an elderly gent. He’s certainly a very well styled chap, and whether this was put together by an ad agency, or whether this chap actually does dress in this manner, I applaud him. I hope more people follow his example.


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