Pep Guardiola – Style king?

So I had a look through Twitter this evening and I see that the big news in the EPL is that Manuel Pellegrini is leaving his post as manager of Manchester City this summer, with Pep Guardiola announced Pep Guardiolaas his successor. Now, I’m not wading in to the sport debate here, as I’m sure a lot of readers will begin to think this is a sporting website, but I came across a tweet from GQ magazine stating that “Thanks to Pep Guardiola, the EPL is now the most stylish soccer league in the world”. It’s possible that they’re referring to style in the football sense, but I think they may just have a point in fashion terms.


Pep Guardiola:

Pep likes a suit. On more than one occasion, he’s been seen on the touchline with a well fitted suit. Sometimes accompanied by a black V-neck sweater or a waistcoat. On colder nights, we see Pep sporting a well fitted overcoat to thigh length. Not afraid to dress with the separate jacket & trouser combinations either and he’s also no stranger to daring style attributes. Check out this peak lapel here. Pep Peak




So who mounts a serious title challenge to Pep? Don’t get me wrong, There are managers out there who give him a run for his money. Diego Simeone, Roberto DiMatteo, Jose Mourinho et al, but as far as the EPL goes, we’re struggling to find a real contender. Possible the likes of Roberto Martinez at Everton, or Mauricio Pochettino could be up there at the end of the season with their eyes on the silverwear. The senior category includes the likes of Tony Pulis, Mark Hughes, Sam Allardice and Ronald Koeman, but Roseberry Tailoring think Pep comes out on top.

Pep 2

What do you think? Feel free to leave your own comments below. I’m happy to participate in a bit of a debate on this one.




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