Why bespoke? It’s a question I’m asked often. With all the choice available to people in the modern day, why should a traditional process remain the number one choice? The answer is very simple. We are all different. A bespoke suit is made for you, and you alone. Of course, in this one sentence I refer to the fit. Lets elaborate on the subject.

Ladies bad fit

We’ve all bought a suit “off the peg”. You pop it off the hanger and swing it around, throwing your arms into the jacket. You button the jacket and head to the mirror. Wow, Nice shape. Shame about the shoulders. Or the sleeve length, or the fact that the lapel doesn’t sit flat to your chest. Now the dilemma – Do I go up/down a size and spend money having it butchered at my local tailor? Do I try another brand? Another cut? Another store altogether? It’s a bit of a nightmare and there’s always a compromise.

Mens bad suitBad fit

Sometimes you land lucky. The suit fits quite well, but it’s a double vent and you normally prefer a single vent. Or all the suits in the shops are 2 button, but you’re more of a 3 button man. Perhaps you’re longing for a double breasted jacket, but try finding one to your liking in your local branch. What about that ghastly lining inside? You’d rather have something more subdued, classy perhaps, but the designer opts for loud, bright colours with a bold pattern.


Bespoke Tailoring allows you the freedom to choose. To choose every individual detail. To choose the colour of your buttons, nay, buttonholes. It allows you the freedom to say that you want each part of the suit to be uniquely tailored to your specifications. Lapels, Vents, Pockets, number of buttons. Everything. No stone left unturned. After that, the fit. Your tailor will make an effort to get to know you and your style. He’ll help craft a pattern to match your fitting requirements. Once your garments have been made, he will work with you through your fittings to refine and finesse the garments to your exact liking. Yes, this process requires work, but when it’s done, it’s worth every minute. Perfection will be achieved. No part of the suit will be anything like your previous “Off the peg” exploits.


The best part? Once you’ve had your bespoke suit made, your tailor will have your pattern saved, awaiting your next commission. And he’ll look forward to helping you create it. Why bespoke? Seems pretty simple. Book your free consultation with Roseberry Tailoring today. We’ll visit you at your home or office at a time convenient to you. You can also book to meet us in a hotel near you (We have diary options open for both Glasgow and Edinburgh, but for any other location, just contact us). We are also happy to host you at our HQ in South Queensferry, where we can show you our full range.

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