Shoe Tattoo


Roseberry Tailoring are delighted to introduce our newest and most personal service yet. Shoe Tattoo is here, and it's taking bespoke detailing and personal style to the next level. Here's how it works:

  • Purchase your favourite shoes from our online store.
  • Add “Shoe Tattoo” to your cart and finish shopping.
  • Roseberry Tailoring will contact you by email to obtain your design idea for your Shoe Tattoo.
  • Your design will be discussed with our Shoe Tattoo team who will have the ultimate final say on whether your design will work.
  • You will receive a video of your shoes being tattooed by our laser.
  • Your shoes will be delivered to you with your custom Shoe Tattoo, upon completion.

Shoe Tattoo takes an additional 15 days on top of your normal order production time. For example, if you're ordering a pair of our Paul Parkman shoes, your delivery time will be 30 days (15 days from production and another 15 days for Shoe Tattoo).

All Shoe Tattoo designs are final and any shoes Tattooed cannot be refunded as these are custom made and designed to your own specifications. If you have any concerns regarding sizing, please notify Roseberry Tailoring at the time of purchase. We will send your shoes to you first for fitting. Once you are satisfied with the fit, Shoe Tattoo can begin.