199710_1997204772772_8216575_n“This is a pipe and tweed man and he’ll always live in the country”. – Midwife to Duncan Findlay, Redlands Nursing Home, off Great Western Road, Glasgow.

Born on the 2nd April 1951, Duncan Scott Findlay came into this world to the words above. Rumour has it that the midwife who delivered young Duncan was a bit of a clairvoyant, offering the above words to Duncan’s mother and father upon his arrival. In early life, Duncan grew up in Ayrshire. Stair, to be precise. His father ran The Stair Inn, and was also an accomplished musician, as was his mother. Both his parents graced the stage of the famous Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow. This is an accolade that Duncan was only too happy to share with his parents when he performed there many years later. He is still a regular performer there to this day.

The Prediction

16298661_10212401691140356_5397384491812538212_nDuncan eventually swapped the West Coast for a home at the foot of the Ochils in Tillicoultry. This year marks 34 years at his current home and brings truth to the element of the above statement which mentions “He’ll always live in the country”. After careers in Music and Education, Duncan decided that it was time to complete the prediction. After reading about Roseberry Tailoring on Social Media, he decided to enquire about the possibility of  having a Tweed Jacket made. Something smart, but not too formal. Something that he can wear for all occasions. Tailored just for the man himself and with some subtle details just to make the design his own. Mr Findlay is now a “Tweed man”.

After discussing needs and ideas, we settled on a mid-grey herringbone Harris Tweed to be the basis for the jacket. Next, we selected a silver paisley leaf design for the lining, before discussing the style aspects of the jacket. This was easy as we were both more or less on the same wavelength when it came to how the jacket should look. Timeless, classic design was the key. Notched lapels of standard width. Slightly slanted pockets with a standard width pocket flap and black leather buttons, finished with side vents. Buttonholes were stitched in black thread just to finish off the look, including the lapel buttonhole. Nothing loud and shouty about this, unlike some of Duncan’s guitars.

Duncan Findlay is still an in demand professional musician and composer of music for television and film.

12033003_10208110668627475_3365243154955933514_nFinal piece of the puzzle

Now, Mr Findlay isn’t a smoker, and it’s unlikely he’ll be taking up the habit any time soon, but Roseberry Tailoring couldn’t think of any other way of handing over Duncan’s new tweed jacket than to complete the premonition. We took to the internet to find Duncan the perfect decorative pipe to accompany the jacket. We’ve had so much fun throughout this process with Duncan, hearing stories of his career in music and reminiscing over the years he spent as my lecturer at UHI in Perth. To hear of this premonition made by the midwife who delivered him back in 1951 made us think about what bespoke tailoring means to people. In this case, it meant the second instalment of bringing the premonition to life. It was only fitting that we completed the trio of predictions by presenting Duncan with this final object.

Sir, we hope you enjoy your tweed jacket for many years to come. It’s been a pleasure.


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The Purple Label comprises a selection of house cloth from mills such as Dugdale Brothers, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Huddersfield Fine Worsted. We carry a wide range of colour options within this range and you’ll find good variance in weights.

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2 Piece Suit, 2 Shirts, 2 Ties = £1000

Choose from our Gold Label range of cloth, no exclusions. Over 140 linings to choose from to compliment your cloth choice. You can also design yourself a 2 shirts from over 70 cloth options (worth up to £398) and choose a 2 Ties from over 140 options (worth up to £98). Total saving of £498.

The Gold label includes beautiful cloth options from mills including Holland & Sherry, Bateman Ogden, W.Bill and Fox Brothers. This range also tends to cover more of the heavyweight cloth options, with plenty of lighter weight options still available and no stone left unturned when it comes to colours, stripes and checks.

Platinum offerOffer 3

3 piece Suit, 3 shirts, 3 ties = £1400

Choose from our Platinum Label range of cloth, no exclusions. With this offer, we’ll give you your waistcoat absolutely FREE (worth up to £600). There are over 250 linings to choose from to compliment your cloth choice. You can also design yourself 3 shirts from over 200 cloth options (worth up to £747) and choose 3 Ties from over 140 options (worth up to £147). Total saving of £248.

Our Platinum Label is the best value in the bespoke tailoring business. Only the finest cloth options are available in this range. Based in northern Italy, Loro Piana produces superlative textiles and luxury goods using the world’s finest, rarest raw materials. The pursuit of excellence has been its mission for six generations. We are proud to be a stockist of this most prestigious cloth and we take great delight in ensuring that every single item purchased from our Platinum range is as unique as it’s wearer. In this range, we also show some Holland & Sherry and Dormeuil.

Booking An Appointment

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When purchasing a bespoke suit, besides the jacket shoulders, there are many discussions to be had. My personal method tends to work in the following order:

  1. Discuss the needs of the client
  2. Discuss the desired style
  3. Start from the collar, finish at the ankles.
  4. Take measurements
  5. Assess the unique body pattern

The Jacket Shoulders

shoulder-1Many of us take the shoulders of the jacket for granted. It’s really important in the overall cut of the suit. It’s the starting point for almost everything else that happens lower down, in terms of the fit. The most important point here is that the shoulders should look natural. Down the road of history, there were eras in which the suit shoulder was excessively wide (1980’s) and there are also factions of the industry who prefer different things, such as the Italians, who prefer to have more of a soft finish on the shoulder, as opposed to the more rigid British shoulder.

As I measure and assess clients, I’m looking for a multitude of things here. Firstly, I’m looking at whether the shoulders are normal in shape, or whether they’re more squared or sloping. Next, I’m looking to determine whether your natural stance incorporates a forward point on your shoulder. If so, how severe? Finally, I’m looking at the balance from right to left. Are you even? Or does one side fall lower than the other.

shoulder-proportionOn the more muscular body types, I’m looking at where your deltoid muscles are in relation to your shoulder points. If you’re really prominent here, I’m rethinking the position of the shoulder points. Cutting too wide can make your head appear small, while cutting too narrow can make your head appear quite large.

Summary of details

standard shoulderRope ShouldersThere’s a lot to consider here. To make it as perfect as possible, we’re discussing a soft finish vs a rigid finish, squared or sloping vs normal shape, forward points vs normal points, drop shoulders vs even shoulders and the placement of your deltoids vs your shoulder ends. The only choice you really make here is whether we have a rope sleeve head (which will stand proud on your shoulder line) or a soft crown, which will provide an elegant line from the shoulder to the sleeve.

September Offer

Our September Offer brings focus on the upcoming party season as we head into the autumn. This month at Roseberry Tailoring, you can be confident that you’ll be party ready with this two part offer.

Offer 1

Tuxedo/Dinner Suit Package.

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e9b09fb7f10610290f598b95436eefa9Offer 2

3-Piece Suit.

To highlight one of our fantastic Purple Label cloth books, Roseberry Tailoring are offering a 3-piece suit from our Super 130’s cloth range, with over 65 cloth options available in a variety of colours and patterns. You’ll be looking sharp this autumn in a fantastic new suit worth £1080 for just £750.

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Call our fantastic admin team now on 0330 0228 007 or book your appointment online. Remember, we can either meet you at The Crowne Plaza hotel in Edinburgh, The Piersland House Hotel in Troon, or your home or office. If you’d like to meet us in any other location, leave a suggestion in the comments box when booking and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Don’t miss out.

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When purchasing a bespoke suit, besides the jacket cuffs, there are many discussions to be had. My personal method tends to work in the following order:

  1. Discuss the needs of the client
  2. Discuss the desired style
  3. Start from the collar, finish at the ankles.
  4. Take measurements
  5. Assess the unique body pattern

The Jacket Cuffs

Cuff1A bespoke suit should have 2 main characteristics. Number one, your cuff buttons should be functional. It’s one of the tell-tale signs of a bespoke suit. Although less used today than their origins intended, it’s still a dead giveaway. Many tailors, Roseberry Tailoring included, will decline you the option of a functioning cuff on your very first order. The reason for this is that, should the sleeve length need altered, it’s almost impossible to do this without making new sleeves.

The second characteristic is that the sleeve length should be half an inch shorter than your shirt sleeve (which will, of course, be purchased at the same time as your new suit). For those who like to wear a nice watch (like a Rolex, Panerai or Patek Phillipe), one cuff (usually the left) should be cut up to a half inch wider in diameter to allow the sleeve to fall over the watch with ease.

Cuff2Number of buttons

In reality, you can have as many buttons on your cuff as you like. I like to encourage either 3, 4 or 5 buttons depending on the length of your arm in relation to the jacket, but I’ve dealt with Mods in the past who have requested 8 buttons “kissing” (kissing means that the buttons slightly overlap each other and perhaps take up the same space as less buttons). Most business suits will have 3 or 4 buttons, some casual options will have one or two.

Other styles

Less popular, but still available are Gauntlet cuffs, where a separate piece of material is placed over the cuff of the jacket for style. This is a military derivative, but can still be found on highlandwear, gentry wear, toastmasters and official military wear.Cuff3

Roseberry Tailoring are happy to discuss such details with you before you purchase your bespoke garments. We’re delighted to take the time to ensure that the choices you make are the right ones for you, your personality and your occasion. Book an appointment today for the best style advice.