5 common mistakes when wearing a new suit.

As an ex-retailer, I’m only too aware of these most common mistakes that people make when wearing a brand new suit. Thankfully, as a bespoke tailor, I’m now able to spend a great deal of time with my clients and I can help and educate on various sartorial matters. Everyone loves wearing a brand new suit, especially if it has been lovingly handmade just for you as you’ll look and feel great in what you’re wearing, with added confidence and a spring in your step. Let’s have a look at the most common mistakes here.




When you take your brand new suits home, you’ll soon realise that the pocket bags on the jacket are stitched closed. This is a very deliberate action by the suit maker, whether retail, made-to-measure or bespoke. For the retailer (or tailor), it helps the cloth on the jacket sit flat when hung, waiting for a buyer. Personally, I would advise that you leave your pocket bags stitched closed as the temptation to use the pocket for car keys, wallets and various other heavy items can be greater – resulting in stretching of the cloth (or sagging).



Vent and Shoulder Threads:

Now this one really gets on my nerves. There’s a massive difference between Swelled Edge, Hand-stitched or AMF (American Machine and Foundry Pick Stitching) on a suit jacket – a very deliberate style option, and those little bits of thread that are in place to hold your vents down (tack or baste stitching). Tack and Baste Stitching is to be removed before wearing. Their sole purpose is to hold the back panel of the jacket flat in order that it doesn’t ride up or crease when on the hanger/in transit. If I see you in the street with tack or baste stitching still on your suit, I’m likely to let you know that it should be removed. I’ll most likely also have the appropriate tool on my person to do the job. Please don’t take offence as I’m trying to spare your blushes when you walk into that job interview or big meeting.



Branding labels:

Usually found on the right hand sleeve of a branded suit. These aren’t something I encounter currently as I don’t put them onto my bespoke suits, but please take it from me – it’s not supposed to stay on when wearing. When you purchase your suit, here’s a handy tip. Ask the retailer to remove it for you. Sometimes, these can be stitched in place too tightly requiring quite a precise “stitch-unpicking tool” to remove it without damaging the cloth on the sleeve. If you try to remove this at home and don’t do a great job, you’ll have a hole in your sleeve and the retailer won’t take it back. This can mean an expensive repair which on a retail suit can often be more expensive than the suit itself.




Hangers are vitally important to the longevity of your suit. The wrong shape hanger can destroy your internal construction, causing your shoulder pad to misshape and causing cloth to stretch. Please use a thick wooden or plastic hanger with a substantial shoulder end. This will support your shoulder when hanging in the wardrobe and will also allow the rest of the jacket to hang freely with the front and back panels separated adequately. You’ll find that this allows creases to remove themselves more efficiently, giving your suit a fresher look

Another piece of advice I regularly pass out is to use a clip hanger for your trousers on the day or two immediately after wearing your suit. Hang the trousers from the ankle. The waistband will provide enough weight to help any creases resolve themselves. It’ll also allow your pressed crease at the front and back of the trouser to last longer, requiring less professional care in the long run. Once you’re happy that the trousers have recovered suitably, place them back onto the suit hanger with the jacket.




Don’t. Just don’t do it.

The temptation is there to iron your trousers after a hard day’s wear, but it’s most likely to cause damage to the cloth. The heat will stress the fibres causing them to snap and shine, and nobody wants to have shiny trousers. I always recommend Steam when caring for your garments. Whether professionally done, or at home, invest in a good steam cleaner. You’ll also fine a multitude of other household uses for one of these devices, but when it comes to your suit, steam is your best friend. This helps open up the fibres of the suit as you’re going along, which helps remove odour. You’ll also notice that the lifespan of your suits should be much longer.


For more information on mistakes men make with a new suit or to discuss our other bespoke suits, jackets and shirts, why not book an appointment at your home or office, Glasgow City Centre, Edinburgh City Centre or at our Roseberry Tailoring HQ. Simply click here to go straight to the booking page.


In an exclusive first, Roseberry Tailoring caught up with Mark Beaumont (which is no mean feat – the man is a top athlete) to ask him one simple question. Why Roseberry Tailoring? Late last year (and into early 2017), Roseberry Tailoring helped Mark to create a beautiful bespoke suit to wear at his various speaking engagements and formal occasions. You can read more about it in our previous blog. Hear what Mark had to say about how Roseberry Tailoring helped him dress to impress.

MBAPPThe Tailoring Appointment:

I first spotted Roseberry Tailoring on Instagram, from a photo by a good friend of his new tailored suit.  It was the inside pocket detail, with his name stitched into the fabric which caught my eye and I asked for an introduction. I have an odd career, insofar as I spend half my life in Lycra and the other half in a suit!  Speaking at conferences and dinners, hosting events and corporate meetings means that when I am always very visible when I am at work, so I needed a suit that is striking, without being too much of a statement.  Like most men, I am not quite sure what I want, but I have a strong opinion on what I don’t like – and so choosing clothes and fashion does not come easily to me and I can imagine I am a tricky client to understand!

Chris met me at my Edinburgh flat and rather than bamboozling me with cloth options and the technical side of tailoring, he asked me a lot about who I was, the work I did, my attitudes and what I liked.  This was a clever approach, as it meant that when it came to choosing the cloth and detail, he could give me a much simpler range of choices and make the process interesting and fun.   Some weeks later we met again and I pulled on my first bespoke suit, which is light grey with a faint blue thread throughout.  It is striking, yet subtle and the fit, needless to say was superb.  I often have issues with fit around the upper leg, so I a very used to that over-tight feeling when I sit down, hoping my suit trousers won’t split at the crotch as I sit in a fine dining restaurant!

mb4The Refinements:

Despite how delighted I was with the fit and look of the suit, Chris cast a critical eye over it and decided that the arms needed repositioned slightly, to stop them creasing.  It’s a detail that I would never have spotted, and I am sure more men wouldn’t either.  But it’s an admirable attention to detail, and now that the final alternation has been done, I can certainly appreciate the improvement.

I am absolutely delighted with my new suit and will be making great use of it.  If you follow @MrMarkBeaumont on Instagram, you may even spot it in action!



MBPIC4Mark Beaumont is a Scottish adventurer, cyclist, broadcaster and speaker. On the 15th February 2008, he completed a gruelling 18,000 mile round the world trip, travelling through 20 countries – breaking the world record by a margin of 82 days.  Mark has since cycled the length of the Americas, set the World Record for Cairo to Cape Town, survived capsizing in the Atlantic ocean, climbed the highest mountains in the western world and rowed through the arctic.

2016 brought Mark his biggest challenge yet.  No matter how hard he trained, no matter how confident he felt, there was still something missing.  That’s when Mark met with Roseberry Tailoring having been recommended by a friend and fellow Roseberry client.  Mark regularly speaks at corporate and educational events, so needs a well fitting suit that looks as professional as his speeches sound.  Something stylish, yet subtle.  Something that would make a statement, yet not overshadow his content.  Something that would be memorable, but not the focus of each event.  Most importantly, something comfortable, and something that could be used for a broad range of events.

MBAPPThe Appointment

We packed a scattering of cloth options from our extensive range, and visited Mark at his Edinburgh address.  Let me just vouch for Mark’s coffee making skills here, one of the best in town.  A dash of milk would have given him the edge over the trendiest hotspots though.  We began discussing colours and textures, checks and stripes, linings and styles and soon built a much clearer picture of what was needed.  We whittled the range down to just a few options and discussed the features of each cloth, and why we thought each one would be appropriate.  Finally we decided upon a beautiful oversized Prince of Wales check in mid grey, with a bright blue running through the pattern.  This cloth is from the Italian mill, Vitale Barberis Canonico, who count the very famous Ermenegildo Zegna as one of their biggest clients.  They are one of the oldest cloth mills in the world, founded in 1663, and are still family owned to this day.  This particular cloth was sourced from their Venice range, super 150’s weave, allowing a sharp cut, but with comfort and an air of coolness in mind.

IMG_2845The Details

Many people see a suit on the peg and like the cloth it’s made from.  Of course, that’s a huge part of what it’s all about, but very few people pay attention to the smaller details, such as the buttonholes, or the pocket flap, the button thread or the lapel shape.  Even the buttons themselves are usually just accepted as part of the package, but paying a little attention to what you furnish the jacket and sleeves with can completely change the dynamic of the garments.  The same can be said for the angle of the pockets, or the depth of the flap.  Contrasting the jett of the pocket or the flap itself can have a huge bearing on the finished look.  It’s also common to not pay attention to the cloth itself, and it’s suitability to the task you wish to perform.  For example, lightweight doesn’t necessarily mean weak.  Likewise, heavy doesn’t always mean strong.  It’s important to pay attention to the client’s needs and understand which cloth options will work best for them.  In this case, we were looking for a cloth that would withstand occasional wear, usually indoors and under the lights in a room full of people. This wasn’t to be an everyday working suit, worn extensively and rarely rotated within the working wardrobe.  Here’s a link to one of the best blogs I’ve read on the subject. The Italian Super 150 was the perfect choice for Mark and so, with the cloth chosen, we moved onto the details to create the style.

MBPic2The Style

Mark and I had some great discussions about how this suit should look.  Again, taking into consideration the reason for the purchase in the first place, we looked at how we can achieve that memorable, but understated piece.  Firstly discussing the lining and trim details, then the lapel shape and style, the number of buttons on the jacket fasten, pockets, vents, cuffs and then the finishing details such as buttonholes, stitching and buttons.  Although it’s hard to imagine what garments are going to look like when completed, when you take each item one step at a time, it does help build the picture in your mind.  Mark was satisfied with the jacket choices and so, we began on the trouser style.  Again, attention was paid to the initial brief, making sure to make an impact, but not overshadow the speaker.  Mark made me very aware of his previous issues when purchasing trousers.  Being a man of a certain training regime, I had to ensure I paid a lot of attention to the thigh, whilst ensuring that I still created a slim leg.  Flat fronts on the trousers to suit Mark’s slim frame, and a plain finish at the ankle ensured nice clean lines.  On the back of the trouser, we recommended having at least one pocket to help create a more flattering look (trousers with no rear pocket tend to draw attention to the wearers posterior).  And with that, the design was complete.



199710_1997204772772_8216575_n“This is a pipe and tweed man and he’ll always live in the country”. – Midwife to Duncan Findlay, Redlands Nursing Home, off Great Western Road, Glasgow.

Born on the 2nd April 1951, Duncan Scott Findlay came into this world to the words above. Rumour has it that the midwife who delivered young Duncan was a bit of a clairvoyant, offering the above words to Duncan’s mother and father upon his arrival. In early life, Duncan grew up in Ayrshire. Stair, to be precise. His father ran The Stair Inn, and was also an accomplished musician, as was his mother. Both his parents graced the stage of the famous Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow. This is an accolade that Duncan was only too happy to share with his parents when he performed there many years later. He is still a regular performer there to this day.

The Prediction

16298661_10212401691140356_5397384491812538212_nDuncan eventually swapped the West Coast for a home at the foot of the Ochils in Tillicoultry. This year marks 34 years at his current home and brings truth to the element of the above statement which mentions “He’ll always live in the country”. After careers in Music and Education, Duncan decided that it was time to complete the prediction. After reading about Roseberry Tailoring on Social Media, he decided to enquire about the possibility of  having a Tweed Jacket made. Something smart, but not too formal. Something that he can wear for all occasions. Tailored just for the man himself and with some subtle details just to make the design his own. Mr Findlay is now a “Tweed man”.

After discussing needs and ideas, we settled on a mid-grey herringbone Harris Tweed to be the basis for the jacket. Next, we selected a silver paisley leaf design for the lining, before discussing the style aspects of the jacket. This was easy as we were both more or less on the same wavelength when it came to how the jacket should look. Timeless, classic design was the key. Notched lapels of standard width. Slightly slanted pockets with a standard width pocket flap and black leather buttons, finished with side vents. Buttonholes were stitched in black thread just to finish off the look, including the lapel buttonhole. Nothing loud and shouty about this, unlike some of Duncan’s guitars.

Duncan Findlay is still an in demand professional musician and composer of music for television and film.

12033003_10208110668627475_3365243154955933514_nFinal piece of the puzzle

Now, Mr Findlay isn’t a smoker, and it’s unlikely he’ll be taking up the habit any time soon, but Roseberry Tailoring couldn’t think of any other way of handing over Duncan’s new tweed jacket than to complete the premonition. We took to the internet to find Duncan the perfect decorative pipe to accompany the jacket. We’ve had so much fun throughout this process with Duncan, hearing stories of his career in music and reminiscing over the years he spent as my lecturer at UHI in Perth. To hear of this premonition made by the midwife who delivered him back in 1951 made us think about what bespoke tailoring means to people. In this case, it meant the second instalment of bringing the premonition to life. It was only fitting that we completed the trio of predictions by presenting Duncan with this final object.

Sir, we hope you enjoy your tweed jacket for many years to come. It’s been a pleasure.


Is Purchasing Bespoke Tailoring Expensive?

Let’s look at this myth in more detail.

There are many misconceptions around bespoke tailoring, and I don’t think that many people in the industry do much to help the case. Some tailors simply have a “From” pricing system, where they’ll try their best to help you by saying “Well, we start FROM £X, but it can be as much as £2000 to £3000 depending on the options you choose”. Sure, it’s a meticulous process and us tailors need to know what work is involved in order to quote accurately, but then there are the ones who like to throw out a figure and see if it sticks. One in particular plumps for the start-low-and-charge-for-all-details pricing strategy, which means that on first look, it’s a fantastic deal, but by the end of the process, you’ve spent an additional couple of hundred pounds on surcharges and small details like buttonhole stitching, vents, lapels or even on the cloth itself. Having worked in this business for 15 years, I’ve seen many pricing structures and strategies, and I’ve looked at them from many perspectives in order to find out just how Roseberry Tailoring can strike the right chord with our pricing structure. With that being the case, we decided upon the fixed price model, where, no matter the difference in cloth price within each range, there’s a blanket price for the category. We carry 3 ranges at present, and within each range, we have plenty of cloth options to choose from. Some of them cost us more than others, but on the whole, we’ve grouped them together as best we can. There are only a few circumstances where we would be unable to avoid a surcharge, one of those being our range of premium linings, which incur a surcharge. As does express delivery, and some truly unique pattern work, but we do discuss all of this in advance of commencing an order.

Purple Label BespokePurple Label

Our Purple Label suits start at just £850 for a bespoke 2 piece suit. That’s incredible value at just £2.32 per day (over the course of a year). Less than your morning coffee on the way to work. To upgrade to a 3 piece, or add spare trousers, the difference would only be 82 pence more. Our Purple label was named after we took delivery of our striking cloth books. Originally, this was to be our Red Label, paying homage to the great red giant of Queensferry – The Forth Rail Bridge. Our cloth books arrived covered in a gorgeous Purple that we simply couldn’t ignore. Over 500 cloth options are available in this category, all of which are composed of natural fibres.

Gold Label BespokeGold Label

Roseberry Tailoring was in the process of being established just as the new Queensferry Crossing was being built. We took our “Gold Label” from the colour of the towers which form the main structure of the bridge. Our Gold Label suits begin at £1200, which is equivalent to just £3.28 per day. One cup of coffee less and you could be enjoying the luxury look and feel of a 100% lambswool suit from W.Bill 1663, or the beautiful fine threads of Vitale Barberis Canonico. Holland & Sherry also feature in this label and the range of material here is vast. We have over 1000 cloth options available in this range with other brands such as Bateman Ogden, Huddersfield and Porter & Harding included. If you were to upgrade your outfit to a 3 piece, or add spare trousers, you’d be in for a difference of just £1.15.

Platinum Label BespokePlatinum Label

As mentioned above, we draw our inspiration from our local surroundings. The cables which complete the structure of the new Queensferry Crossing have a lovely platinum hue as they blend in with the skyline in the distance. Just looking at them was very thought provoking. Those cables remind me very much of the fibres that make up your suit cloth. For a construction such as the new bridge, only the strongest will do the job and flaws can’t be accepted. This is the same principle as our Platinum Label, where you’ll find only the best cloth mills such as Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana and Fox Flannels. Just £4.10 per day will ensure you are wearing the best bespoke tailoring that money can buy and we might even save you a few pounds as you ditch the junk food in order to keep in shape. After all, you dare not grow out of your fine bespoke Italian cloth hand tailored suit. You can enjoy a bespoke 3 piece, or spare pair of trousers in this range for just £1.43 more.

Let me also tell you that, when you buy from an “off the peg” retailer, you’re not buying something that fits to you. You’re buying something that YOU have to fit INTO. There are pressure points at the armholes, crotch and thighs and sometimes the shoulders. It can cause a multitude of issues with the longevity of your garments if they’re not fitted correctly. This can cause misshaping of the cloth, distortion of the hang and, in general, will cause your suit to wear through quicker. In turn, this will mean that you need to replace it quicker too. Bespoke is actually excellent value for money when you consider that your suits will, on average, last longer than anything bought “off the peg. It’s also something that you have an amazing level of input into. Something you can design for yourself and something that will fit you, and only you. Wouldn’t it be a shame to hold one of the many misconceptions about bespoke tailoring? Isn’t it time you thought about talking to your tailor?

The new 2009 Golden Globe statuettes are on display during an unveiling by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. The 66th annual Golden Globe Awards are scheduled for January 11. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage)

Meryl Streep… Wow! Style aside, she was head and shoulders above the impact of any of the outfits worn at this years Golden Globes. Meryl managed to take down an individual in a 5 minute speech, without actually mentioning any names. Everyone knew exactly who she was referencing, and there were a few tears shed at the words spoken. However, lets take a look at the outfits that were overshadowed and pick through he best of the bunch.

Style Outfits

Lets take a look at some of the outfits worn on the night. All very formal in style, but this year, much more variance in the colours, textures and finishes. Even Double Breasted suits had a look-in. We’ll start with the traditional black tux as worn by Jimmy Fallon, Sylvester Stallone and Tom Hiddleston (all pictured). This never goes out of fashion for awards and presentations. It’s the ultimate in formal wear for such an occasion. Of the outfits below, I really like the peak lapels on Jimmy’s singe breasted, one-button jacket.

jimmy-fallon stallone tom-hiddleston

This year though, I was pleased to see Tom and Sly sporting Double Breasted. I think this is a fantastic style which is sadly not as readily available in the retail stores these days. Having said that, unless you’re a typical shop-mannequin shape, it’s best to visit your tailor for this style. Body shape and style advice is often underrated. My own personal view on this style is to have peaked lapels, straight cut pockets and either a closed vent, or double vent (depending on body shape). Also, a button figuration in keeping with the body shape too. My favourite is 6 buttons, 2 fastening (just like the guys in the pictures). If you’re looking for something to wear a little more casually, some fun can be had with stitching, buttons and linings.

Ryan Gosling

ryan-goslingKnown for his impeccable style, this handsome Canadian always seems to stand out on the red carpet. This year is no different, rocking the white tux jacket, with contrasting black trousers. Very sharp and stands out on a night where most of the chaps turn out in black. I especially like the slim shawl collar on this jacket, coupled with the straight cut pocket. Very elegant.

Donald Glover

donald-gloverA man of many talents. Actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, rapper, singer, and songwriter. At the Golden Globes however, he was simply a style icon. Daring to wear velvet (which I’m a huge fan of), he also chose a phenomenal brown shade which really works well with his complexion. Many over the years have tried brown (including Mr Gosling, above), which is a difficult colour to pull off properly. To pair it with Velvet is a risky move, but I think Mr Glover made a fantastic fist of it, leading him to be my pick of the evening. That was, until I clapped eyes on our final icon.

Justin Timberlake

justin-timberlakeAnd he does it again. Not the first time he’s stepped out in an amazing contrast tux, however, this one carries some hallmarks we’ve seen Mr Timberlake sporting before. Textured cloth seems to be a favourite, as does the contrast gauntlet cuff. This particular outfit is my pick of the evening, and Mr Timberlake wears it well. I’ve often commented on his outfits in the past and this is quite similar to a navy tux worn to a ceremony around 2013. I know a certain barber in Aberdeen who’d look good in this.

As ever, Roseberry Tailoring are on hand to offer the best image consultancy, style advice and bespoke tailoring. We work with you to ensure that you create the very best looks for your wardrobe. I’m often brought pictures of celebrities as a guide for what people want to aspire to, and I’m happy to offer my advice on what will work best for you. Golden Globes. Oscars, BAFTA’s and movie premieres are a great opportunity for celebrities to showcase some amazing outfits. Roseberry Tailoring are experts in creating outfits just like these. Book your appointment today.



Roseberry Tailoring’s December Special Offer is designed to offer fantastic value to our already incredible product. Choose from the offers below to kick start 2017 looking the sharpest you possibly can. Roseberry Tailoring will guide you through the bespoke tailoring process every step of the way.

purple offerOffer 1

2 Piece Suit, Shirt, Tie = £800.

Choose from our Purple Label range of cloth, no exclusions. Over 140 linings to choose from to compliment your cloth choice. You can also design yourself a shirt from over 70 cloth options (worth up to £199) and choose a Tie from over 140 options (worth up to £49). Total saving of £248.

The Purple Label comprises a selection of house cloth from mills such as Dugdale Brothers, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Huddersfield Fine Worsted. We carry a wide range of colour options within this range and you’ll find good variance in weights.

Gold offerOffer 2

2 Piece Suit, 2 Shirts, 2 Ties = £1000

Choose from our Gold Label range of cloth, no exclusions. Over 140 linings to choose from to compliment your cloth choice. You can also design yourself a 2 shirts from over 70 cloth options (worth up to £398) and choose a 2 Ties from over 140 options (worth up to £98). Total saving of £498.

The Gold label includes beautiful cloth options from mills including Holland & Sherry, Bateman Ogden, W.Bill and Fox Brothers. This range also tends to cover more of the heavyweight cloth options, with plenty of lighter weight options still available and no stone left unturned when it comes to colours, stripes and checks.

Platinum offerOffer 3

3 piece Suit, 3 shirts, 3 ties = £1400

Choose from our Platinum Label range of cloth, no exclusions. With this offer, we’ll give you your waistcoat absolutely FREE (worth up to £600). There are over 250 linings to choose from to compliment your cloth choice. You can also design yourself 3 shirts from over 200 cloth options (worth up to £747) and choose 3 Ties from over 140 options (worth up to £147). Total saving of £248.

Our Platinum Label is the best value in the bespoke tailoring business. Only the finest cloth options are available in this range. Based in northern Italy, Loro Piana produces superlative textiles and luxury goods using the world’s finest, rarest raw materials. The pursuit of excellence has been its mission for six generations. We are proud to be a stockist of this most prestigious cloth and we take great delight in ensuring that every single item purchased from our Platinum range is as unique as it’s wearer. In this range, we also show some Holland & Sherry and Dormeuil.

Booking An Appointment

Booking your appointment with Roseberry Tailoring couldn’t be easier. Just click here to go straight to our easy-to-use booking page. Simply decide where you’d like to meet us and let us know a date and time that suits you (if you don’t see your desired date and time, call us on 0330 0228 007 and we’ll do what we can to help). We are happy to visit you at your home or office, our office in South Queensferry or at a city centre location convenient to you.


The job of a tailor is to provide perfectly fitting clothes for his clients. True? or False?

Whilst the above statement is true, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what a tailor can do for his clients. Firstly, when you first meet with your tailor, you don’t know him and he doesn’t know you. He must find out more about you before he can properly service your needs. Sure, there are observations that he can make simply by looking at you such as; Hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, frame shape and posture, but he does need to know much more about YOU.

tailor-2Establishing Needs

Depending on our use of the garments being requested, your tailor will begin profiling his cloth selection for adequate options. Should you require daily wear, there’ll be high quality options swimming around in his brain. Something classy for that Caribbean cruise? He’s thinking of lightweights, tropical, mohair etc. He’ll also want to know whether you’re naturally a warm or cold person in order to recommend the correct cloth options. Perhaps this suit will be for your wedding, in which case your tailor will be looking for more information on whether this is an indoor or outdoor event, and whether there is a colour scheme to adhere to. Budget is also considered.

tailor-3Talking about style

This part is important. Many people will fail to appreciate the little twists and tweaks that can be made to ensure that your new garments match your style preferences. After all, a suit is a suit – right? No. It’s personal. Of course, there are many reasons as to why people would want a bespoke suit made, but for most people, it’s about style. Your tailor can integrate touches of fashion eras gone by into your new suit, such as Mod style, Classic style, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s etc. If you have a fashion idol, let your tailor know and he can incorporate some of those finishing touches into your garments to make you really stand out. Sometimes, it helps to bring along items that you really love to show your tailor, like a favourite jacket or pair of trousers. Have a look at our Instagram page to see some examples.


Who better than your tailor to recommend shoes, belts, ties and pocket squares to go with your new outfit. Remember, a good wardrobe can be narrowed down to just a few key pieces. One straight suit, one mix-and-match suit, one good jacket and just a couple of pairs of flannels/chinos/denims can ensure that you have around 30-40 different outfits for any occasion. Your tailor will know the perfect compliment to each outfit and will usually be able to recommend the place to shop for them. In the case of Roseberry Tailoring, we can help with just about anything in the accessory department.

Until the end of 2016, Roseberry Tailoring will be hosting free style advice appointments to help you understand what works best for you, and also to show exactly the value of having a good tailor in your contact list. These appointments will be available through the main site, and only available at our Glasgow and Edinburgh visits. Just leave a comment in the “How Can We Help You” box at the end of booking your appointment stating that you’re looking for a Free Style Advice appointment and we’ll be happy to help you.


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Our offers this month will add value to our already incredible ranges. Read below to find out more.

November TrousersOffer 1:

Free spare pair of trousers with any suit purchase. Very popular with the business orders, this will prolong the life of your favourite bespoke suits by ensuring that you always have a spare pair of trousers to give the first pair a rest. Save at least £350. Quote NOVEMBER TROUSERS when booking your appointment.




November ShirtsOffer 2:

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November CoatsOffer 3:

Half Price Overcoat with any suit order. Our overcoats begin at £800, and can cost up to £2500. I’m opening the whole range to a 50% discount when you purchase any bespoke suit from our ranges. That’s a saving of at least £400, and potentially up to £1250. Quote NOVEMBER OVERCOAT when booking your appointment.


These offers can be redeemed at any of our locations, but cannot be used in conjunction with one another. We will be in Glasgow every Tuesday, Edinburgh every Thursday, and we’ll be available for home and office visits on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For weekends, please call 03300228007, we’re often exhibiting at various trade shows or wedding shows, but we’re still open nonetheless.

When purchasing a bespoke suit, besides the jacket shoulders, there are many discussions to be had. My personal method tends to work in the following order:

  1. Discuss the needs of the client
  2. Discuss the desired style
  3. Start from the collar, finish at the ankles.
  4. Take measurements
  5. Assess the unique body pattern

The Jacket Shoulders

shoulder-1Many of us take the shoulders of the jacket for granted. It’s really important in the overall cut of the suit. It’s the starting point for almost everything else that happens lower down, in terms of the fit. The most important point here is that the shoulders should look natural. Down the road of history, there were eras in which the suit shoulder was excessively wide (1980’s) and there are also factions of the industry who prefer different things, such as the Italians, who prefer to have more of a soft finish on the shoulder, as opposed to the more rigid British shoulder.

As I measure and assess clients, I’m looking for a multitude of things here. Firstly, I’m looking at whether the shoulders are normal in shape, or whether they’re more squared or sloping. Next, I’m looking to determine whether your natural stance incorporates a forward point on your shoulder. If so, how severe? Finally, I’m looking at the balance from right to left. Are you even? Or does one side fall lower than the other.

shoulder-proportionOn the more muscular body types, I’m looking at where your deltoid muscles are in relation to your shoulder points. If you’re really prominent here, I’m rethinking the position of the shoulder points. Cutting too wide can make your head appear small, while cutting too narrow can make your head appear quite large.

Summary of details

standard shoulderRope ShouldersThere’s a lot to consider here. To make it as perfect as possible, we’re discussing a soft finish vs a rigid finish, squared or sloping vs normal shape, forward points vs normal points, drop shoulders vs even shoulders and the placement of your deltoids vs your shoulder ends. The only choice you really make here is whether we have a rope sleeve head (which will stand proud on your shoulder line) or a soft crown, which will provide an elegant line from the shoulder to the sleeve.